Convenient Storage Solutions for Large-Scale Home Improvements


When an area of your home is undergoing large-scale repairs or improvements, storage is likely to be a concern. Depending on how many appliances, pieces of furniture or general possessions are housed in this area, finding cost-effective temporary storage solutions may seem like an arduous undertaking. However, while seeking out dependable storage can be cumbersome, it’s far from impossible. If one of your home’s most important areas is about to be overhauled, take care to consider the following storage options. 

Dedicated Storage Units 

If you lack the space needed to store wayward possessions in your home, a dedicated storage unit is the next best thing. These units are large enough to house big-ticket items and affordable on virtually any budget. As an added bonus, many storage facilities provide new clients with incredible discounts on their first month of rent. 

When shopping around for the right storage facility, keep an eye out for places that offer first-rate security, easily-accessible units and responsive customer service. You can get a better idea of what your top picks have to offer by reading customer feedback online. Keep in mind that even the most obliging facilities are liable to garner a few unfavorable reviews. However, if these reviews far outnumber favorable ones, you’re probably better off taking your business elsewhere. Golden State residents on the hunt for top-notch storage in San Diego should pay a visit to  

Unused Areas of Your Home 

If there are any areas of your home that aren’t currently in use, a large-scale project may provide you with the perfect opportunity to utilize them. For example, if you have a seldom-used guest room, home gym or dedicated storage room, you can easily put these spaces to good use whenever you find yourself in need of temporary cost-effective storage solutions. Large basements also make fantastic storage spaces, but if the items you’re looking to store are very heavy, lugging them up and down a flight of stairs may not strike you as an appealing prospect.    

The Homes of Friends and Family Members 

If your residence doesn’t have much in the way of unused space, consider reaching out to close friends or family members whose homes have ample space to spare. For instance, if anyone in your inner circle has an unused room, basement, attic or garage, there’s no harm in asking if they’d be willing to help you out with storage. Just don’t become resentful or bitter if they refuse this request, as there are many understandable reasons for not wanting someone else’s possessions stored in your home

Should the people you reach out to agree to your request, there are two things you’ll need to keep in mind. First off, you have limited room to complain if any of the items you’re storing become damaged or broken while in the care of friends or family members. Since you’re the one being done a favor here, becoming visibly angry or irritated in response to damaged items is liable to be perceived as ungrateful, even if the fault lies with the other party. While you’re free to make inquiries in response to damaged items, don’t press the subject if the other party claims no responsibility.

Secondly, you should show gratitude to any friends or family members who allow you to use their residence as a temporary storage facility. Paying them a small fee can be an effective way to show appreciation, and it may even result in better care being taken of your possessions. If you’re unable to afford this or the other party refuses to accept any money, consider repaying their kindness in other ways, like taking them out for a nice meal or providing assistance on their next big home project.  

Depending on how large a renovation or repair project you’re undertaking, various appliances and other big-ticket items may find themselves displaced for weeks – or months. That being the case, it’s generally a good idea to have a practical storage solution in mind prior to beginning large-scale projects. Scrambling to find workable storage solutions after the fact is liable to prove both stressful and cumbersome. Fortunately, when it comes to storing displaced possessions, your options are anything but limited.