Cool Wood Carving Gift Ideas


If your passion is carving images into wood or out of a piece of local timber then you should consider taking your hobby to the next level by making gifts for people. There are tons of ways you can take that talent and let it pay off for you. 

Purchasing a wood carving as a gift can cost several hundred dollars or more depending on what type of carving you want. Why waste money when you can take your love of carving and give the people you care about a gift that they will cherish forever. 


You may be thinking, “What could I carve that would be a suitable gift?” The answer to that is anything. To make it easier on you we’ve put together a list of ideas that would make amazing gifts for several occasions. 


Everyone likes to see their initials in something. Okay, maybe not everyone but there is a reason why monograms have been around for thousands of years.The nice thing about this idea is you can carve initials into anything. Circular pieces of wood, wooden boxes, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

Another great thing about monograms is that if you’re a beginner letters are a great way to start and there are tools for people just starting out. Click here for more details.


Do you know someone who has a favorite pet or swears they have a spirit animal? A gift that exemplifies this beast would be a wonderful present in itself, let alone the image of it carved into a nice piece of wood for a wall hanging. 

Another option is to create a smaller version of this animal carved out of wood that could be displayed on a shelf or dresser in their home somewhere. 


Some people truly love maps. When you take time to explore one you might understand why. Maps open our minds to how big the world is and what it has to offer us. You could add in special characters typically found on maps and even work on some grids. The overall composition is completely up to you. 

It’s worth pointing out that this type of job would be a huge undertaking. But the outcome would be so wonderful you might have a hard time giving it away as a gift. 


We love trees. It’s no wonder when you consider what they do for us, which is provide the oxygen that we breathe while pulling carbon dioxide from the air. Our survival literally depends on trees and all the other plant life that serves as the lungs for our planet. 

But there is something specific about trees that fascinate us. This isn’t surprising when you think about what they represent, which is spiritual and physical nourishment, fertility, and union. How pleased would your loved one be when receiving a tree wall hanging created by your two hands?

Food Items

Kitchens are known in some cultures as the heart of the home. This is because that’s where people tend to meet for a chat and a bite to eat. There is no better way to get better acquainted with someone than when you share a meal. 

Gifts that fit well in the kitchen are generally praised, especially by those who enjoy cooking. A small wooden pear or the image of a pig carved into a cutting board. These types of gifts will set you apart from the pack. 


As the universal symbol of love giving someone your heart is the perfect way to tell them you love them. If you found that special someone carving a heart into a nice wooden box or shaping this sign out of timber using carving tools would be a unique way to show them you care. 

This can be done as simply or as complicated as you wish and no matter which route you choose, this present will be memorable. 


Everyone loves a floral scene. Why? Because they are beautiful, colorful, fragrant, and unique. Flowers brighten a room and there are several favorites that would make perfect subjects for a wood carving project. 

You could paint the wood if you don’t want to miss the colorful aspect or you can leave the natural wood showing, which is my personal preference. An addition to this could be a collection of floral scents to spray on the wood piece. 


Everything from religions, schools, professions, hobbies, and more are labeled with some kind of symbol. We know that a heart is a symbol of love and a tree growth. There is a symbol that means peace, do not enter, and go the wrong way. We can’t forget arrows, which symbolize direction, and a simple circle, which represents cycles. 

This type of gift has the ability to say a lot without using too many lines or details, which makes it another good project for beginners. 

These examples are just an overview of the thousands, possibly millions, of ideas for your wood carving gift project. And who knows? If you enjoy making this present could be the first of many. Wood carvings take time and care, which is what you are giving that person when you hand them their gift.