Coolest Ideas to Design Your Room Your Way


Make your room in tune with your personality with DIY home decor ideas. Live in style and make everyday a fairy tale with exclusive room decor ideas. You don’t need to shell out a huge sum of money to decorate your room. These decoration ideas for room are extremely pocket friendly.

  1. Cover up the empty big wall –

A graphic quilt will easily cover the big blank wall. You may also use colourful bed sheet. Among other bedroom decorating ideas, this one is the most inexpensive one. The wall is the greatest territory you can work with in a room. Here are the top pick:

  • Splendid shading
  • An exceptionally printed wall treatment
  • Removable wall decals
  • Custom paint or a spray painting wall treatment for a urban style
  • Most loved words in neon or light marquis signs
  1. DIY Lampshade –

You can make your own lampshade with art papers, patterned cloth etc. Look up videos on YouTube for DIY room decor ideas lampshade.

  1. Mason jars for pencil stand –

Mason jars make great pen holders. These are cheap and easy to wash. Mason jars being heavy can hold more stationery. Watch videos for pen stand DIY decor ideas.

  1. Pixie light show –

Utilize pixie lights to add appeals to your room are great ideas to decorate room. You can hang them on a divider and include a group of pictures, making an adorable show.

  1. Painted glass bottle for keeping plants –

Glass bottles for holding water plants are among oldest living room decorating ideas. You can try using glass paints to make your own designs and patterns. Water plants can easily survive in these glass bottles. Keep them on your side table or window sill.

  1. Make a hanging rack –

Discover a bit of driftwood and some rope and make a hanging rack to use as an end table in the room. It looks truly trendy and stylish and it fundamentally doesn’t cost you anything to influence it you to have the rope and the snare. You can go through blogs to get ideas for decorating room.

  1. Wall of memories –

You can take out prints of your best pictures. Put them on a soft board and hang it on an empty wall. You can pin old cards, tickets, paper cuttings etc. It is among great small bedroom decorating ideas. The way that you can show photographs and pictures on walls to influence them to look wonderful are not new. The trap is not to utilize frames but rather just the photos and to orchestrate them in an intriguing example. Look up over the internet for ideas for room decoration. You can checkout online printing to go for canvas photo prints and custom canvas prints.

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of cash to influence your room to look smart. Indeed, you can give a chic look to the room without spending much. Who wouldn’t have any desire to make their home look more excellent for nothing? So what are you sitting tight for?