Corrupted SD card recovery – Top 5 ways to fix this issue


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Corrupted SD card recovery overview:

Today we are living in the world of technology where everything is possible. As we leave the paperless era and enter the digital storage which has grown quite big. In this smart world, everyone owns a Smartphone where they use it for personal storage to save their precious data. But corrupted SD card recovery is unpredictable and for that, some individuals are having an issue to losing their storage from memory or SD card.

We all know that SD cards are something that brings new things to the table and give users the convenience to transfer the movies, pictures, important documents and many more in case they lost it from the internal storage of the phone. Being as inexpensive storage media these SD cards can provide the capability to protect your content.

This is the reason now latest SD cards coming are faster containing high storage option and also universally acclaimed for using music players, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, and Androids phones. However, SD card is prone to accidental formatting, damage, or corruption that can lead to loss of all the stored videos, audio, and photos. Usually, this situation starts with an error message if this is not handled properly.

This can lead to a permanent data loss and become quite difficult to Corrupted SD card recovery data. For those of you who don’t know that memory cards have a limited lifespan and after some period of usage they are bound to get damaged or corrupt.

What are the causes of Corrupted SD card?

There are many reasons your SD card could get corrupted because of your little mistake. After all who would want to lose those precious pictures taken with family or friends? Here are some of the common causes we have listed below to point out including,

  •    A black screen appears with an error message saying SD card is not accessible
  •    Most of the picture on the SD card is missing
  •    Trying to read SD card through a system and no folder appears in device
  •    Getting error message corrupted card which accessing videos and photos
  •    See the content stored in SD card in camera but unable to copy them and get an error message
  •    SD card is recognized by PC but unable to see stored videos and pictures with a certain message SD card is not formatted, do you want to format it now
  •    Unable to add, copy, delete or save anything in SD card

Which are the perfect wondershare recoverit ways to fix Corrupted SD card recovery?

There is no guarantee that you will be able to recover the lost data back, except in case of physical damage you may not able to repair it. But from a logical standpoint error, it can be work to fix.

If you are determined to fix your SD card then you don’t need to take it to any repair shop or get a new one. Instead, implement these ways to fix that might prove beneficial for you including,

Method 1: Connect SD to another device:

Sometimes the device may not read the SD card due to the driver related or incompatibility issues. In this case, you can simply connect your SD card to another device to see whether or not it works fine.

Method 2: try assigning a new drive to unreadable SD card:

First, connect your SD card to another card reader in the system. If the system does not assign a new driver letter then this isn’t reading or card is unreadable. In these case then you can assign a new drive letter to see the message please insert the disk into drive E. this will resolve the problem and connect SD card to the operating system

Method 3: Format SD card:

If you can read all the files but can’t save them, then SD card might go into protected mode. You can unlock the write protection switch to modify or save files on the card. However, if you are unable to read or write on the card then it is possible that files are lost and become inaccessible. To fix this you can do a disk diagnostic tool that works for memory cards.

You can reformat it for Mac data recovery as well, which will remove everything on the card and made sure you can recover all the stored files and copied them to another drive before formatting.

Method 4: Use chkdsk command to check any SD card errors:

  •    First, you need to type chkdsk and follow the driver letter with F command prompt
  •    Now insert the affected SD card into card reader and connect with the system
  •    Click on the stat option from windows and select the computer option
  •    Search for the Sd card under the devices and removable storage
  •    After that click the start option again and enter CMD in the search box
  •    Right click on CMD and select it Run as administrator
  •    The command will open and you can fix the corrupt memory card
  •    In next step type chkdsk and press enter to see the possible errors after fixing it
  •    After this check, the assigned drive letter to the SD card to verify all files are recovered

Method 5: try to reinstall the driver:

  •    First, go to my computer and click on manage option
  •    Click on the device manager option on the left side
  •    Double click on disk driver option in the list
  •    Then click right on the name of the removable driver
  •    After that click on uninstall and press ok
  •    Disconnect the storage media and restart your PC
  •    Reconnect your SD card again and PC will detect it

Final verdict:

These are some real facts about Corrupted SD card recovery with 5 fixes that you can use to recover your lost data immediately.