These days the idea of designing a home with some animal designs and printing is on the trend. One of the many fashionable products are the goods that are made out of hides of animals. Not all animals are allowed to be killed for their hides because they are legalized not to be hunted. But some other dairy animals like the animals from the cattle breed and especially the cows can be killed to get their extraordinary skin patterns and add a beauty to our home. Well, get to know more about this.


Cowhides are the torn of skin from cow that are natural & are not bleached by any chemical. The natural richness of the colour is maintained in the material to add the real look to our household articles. They are the products that hail from the food industry. The cowhides can be used in a variety of purposes like cowhide rugs, furniture, shoes, belts and a variety of other articles.


When a cow is killed, the skinis removed. The skin is then salted. Then the color and the pattern is retrained. In the tanneries, it is ensured to undergo the processes in such n unique way that the originality of the hide is retained. After this, the hide is made to soften, the odor is removed. The cowhides are then allowed to dry for some time in order to make it productive. This also, in turn, adds a great patchwork art to your goods. Today I shall tell you about one of such company that sells the products with cowhides with very intricate designs.


Cowhides direct is a renowned company that deals with the manufacture of any of the household articles ranging from cowhide rugs, furniture, wall hanging, cowhide pillows that can add an eye-catching beauty to our home. You may book any of the articles from this company by simply booking your order on You may also contact by calling on the number (800)651-2747. The articles that are sold by this company are known especially for their intricate designs and quality.


There are endless articles of cowhide rugs that are available with this service. You may choose any of them from the gallery:

  1. Natural cowhides which are mostly made from the hides of the cow
  2. Animal print rugs that are made with the hide of other animals like zebras
  3. The metallic cowhides add a luxurious look to your floors.

Just not the rugs, you may also choose to purchase the cowhide furniture with exclusive varieties in the category.


People have always reviewed about the company to be the best one in its deals. People have often said that the cowhides really have added an elegant look to their houses and have increased the look. The sizes of the rugs were also great with intricate designs. The company also has been reviewed to have offered the product at exclusively cheap prices, while many others often cheat the customers by selling the products at higher prices than the pricing they actually deserve.

The Cowhides direct have proved themselves to be the leading company to display premium quality cowhide rugs to many others. The company is a much-authorised one and sell only selected products which they think are worth selling.


There are many things to be kept in mind before purchasing any article made of cowhide.

  1. Always remember that a cowhide article that is genuine will have a long lasting power. Whenever the purchase is made, it must be kept in mind to issue a user’s guide about how to maintain the article for years.
  2. The Cow hides Direct is a very reputed company and promises to give you the genuine articles that are made of real cowhides with exactly selling the same texture and pattern as that displayed in the online gallery. Never buy a cowhide rug or pillow from the companies which do not hail from a well-known brand.
  3. The genuine cowhides will be always hypoallergenic. The traditional rugs capture allergens floating in the air. The cowhide rugs are far better in comparison to them because they don’t really trap such particles.
  4. Only very reputed companies like Saddlemark undergo much processing before actually launching the product. So, if you are purchasing from this company, you can be sure about that they are well processed before their manufacturing and will never undergo decomposition.
  5. Brazil is the top producer of the cowhide articles. But this does not mean at all that the European brands are low. The articles hailing from any of the countries are equally well. The only difference lies in the content quality. The cowhides that hail from Brazil are a little thicker while that from the European countries are thinner. But, the pattern is the same beautiful in both the cases.


Some of the best deals from the company are in the form of pillows and rugs.

  1. Saddle mark cowhide pillows are available at the prices of $74.99 in various colors. The ranges may vary up to $59.99 depending upon the pattern and texture of the pillow.
  2. The zebra pillows are also available at the rates of $79.99

The goods that are sold by the company are 100% pure.


Cowhide can work wonders to add a beautiful pattern to our home. The look that is given by the articles is so good, that people visiting your home will be stunned to see such an elegant look. People normally use the contemporary designs at home which do not add a special beauty. So in order to make them something different, the cowhides can work the best. Do not waste your time simply in deciding about what to do next. Grab the best one for yourself from the most special company.