12 Cozy Green Living Room Designs


When it comes to choosing the right colors for the living room, neutral colors  are always the most common ones. However,  neutrals, like white, gray, beige and maybe even black,can be paired with other colors too. For instance, with some green shades. Green is definitely a good color for your living room, because it will make it look more cozy and relaxed.

Today, we have made a photo collection of several Cozy Green Living Room Designs, to show you how you can decorate your living room with the various shades of green. Green is a color that symbolizes calmness, prosperity and richness. It can be found in various shades, form light ones, like lime green to darker ones, like emerald. The lighter shades can give the room a calm and warm look, while the darker shades, like emerald will give the room a touch of luxury and glamour. The various shades of green can be combined with the neutral colors but also they can be combined with shades of yellow as well as with some shades of blue. When combining yellow with green, use a mellow yellow shade for the backdrop and a vivacious green as a secondary hue.It all depends from your choice of how you will decorate your room with some green shades.

But we advice you that if you choose the walls to be green, then to go for some white or beige or maybe even grey sofa design. And if you want to have a green sofa into your living room, then you should go for some neutral colored walls and then maybe add some green accessories in the room, like curtains, pictures etc. Scroll down now to see our choice of green living room designs and choose if you will want to add some green shades into your living room. Enjoy!

Photo via: terrysfabrics.co.uk
Photo via: terrysfabrics.co.uk
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So, would like to decorate your living room with some shades of green? If you do then we advice you not to over do it, but to combine it with some neutral colors, or maybe with yellow and blue shades. Green shades can definitely give the room a touch of calmness and prosperity, so you will not be wrong if you choose to decorate your living room with green shades. And if green is not the color that you want to see into your living room, don’t worry but stay up to date with us because we are constantly updating many interior design ideas, so that you can find all you need for your home decor at one place.