Crafting your way to a Stylish Home


You no longer need to spend a ton of cash to achieve a perfectly styled home. Many people are choosing to get their old creative caps on in order to create their own pieces of artistic inspiration that will spruce up their home and improve the décor. Here we have a few interior design ideas that you can incorporate into your own home, they are all relatively simple to create and all you need to complete them are a few essential craft supplies from Home Crafts.

Wall Collage

If your wall is looking a bit plain and void of any colour, it may be worth considering taking the time to create a gorgeous wall collage. You can collect personal photographs or choose a variety of pictures and images that will inspire you on a daily basis. Giving each photo a simple border using coloured tape will not only look impressive, but it will keep them stuck to the wall and will give the collage an authentic appeal.

Suit Cushions

This idea derives from who suggest that you take an old suit that has been hanging up in the wardrobe for centuries and use it to create vintage and funky looking cushions. The suit jacket works best and with the added detail of buttons and pockets, your cushions will have a unique vintage appeal to them which will add instant style and originality into your home.

Create a Tapestry

If you are quite the craftsman, or in this case, seamstress, you will probably get a lot of enjoyment from creating your very own tapestry to hang above the bed or sofa, for example. You can make it more personal by embedding a much loved quote onto the tapestry or copying a picture of the family pet. You can design anything you like and once it is complete it will look fantastic displayed on the wall! Plus, you can always add to it further down the line.

DIY Bed Canopy

Add a touch of glamour to your home by making your very own personalised canopy for above your bed. According to, all you need is a large 24″ diameter embroidery hoop, two curtain panels, ribbon and tools such as a sewing machine, scissors and a large needle. The process is quite simple and should not take more than thirty minutes to complete, depending on your sewing machine capabilities. Once it is complete, your room will look more sophisticated and stylish.


Have you ever walked around a gallery and thought, I could do that? Well, prove it. Get a cheap canvas, some paints and brushes and dive straight in! You could even create a series of smaller painted canvases and hang them in your kitchen. If your room has a certain colour theme, try your best to incorporate these colours into your artistic images. Once they are completed, have them framed and display them proudly on the wall for all to see.