How to create your very own fairytale wedding


It’s what almost everyone dreams of happening to them one day: the quintessential idyllic wedding day on which they tie the knot with their beloved, in the company of their closest family and friends on a resplendent and romantic backdrop.

Have you snapped back into the present moment from all of that daydreaming yet? The great news is that a genuine fairytale wedding doesn’t have to be a fantasy – it can be made possible by following steps like those we have detailed below.

Place a big emphasis on the venue

It’s hard to think of anything that plays a more central role in a ‘dream’ wedding than the venue. The setting that you choose for your nuptials will do so much to dictate the photography opportunities on your big day, and of course, everyone wants their fairytale love story to be matched by a fairytale backdrop.

Remember that if you’re committed to holding a genuine fairytale wedding, you need to adopt a ‘go big or go home’ attitude. You might have never imagined how feasible it is for you to get married at a chateau like Château Bouffémont, for instance.

Our noble stone-built residence with spectacular manicured French gardens very much embodies the term ‘fairytale’, with its refined interior decor and our accompanying professional and all-encompassing service helping to provide you with an unforgettable experience on your big day.

Base it all around a theme

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of getting married in true ‘Jane Austen costume drama’ style – after all, you’ve found your Mr Darcy, right? Alternatively, you might just appreciate the chance that a unifying theme for your wedding presents to coordinate the likes of your wedding stationery and table decorations, to reduce the risk of a mishmash of different visual styles.

Whatever the situation for you, basing your wedding on a theme should make things much easier when deciding on such vital things as the venue.

Don’t forget those flowers!

As is the case with other aspects of your wedding, the choice of flowers that you make for your nuptials will depend in part on your personal preferences, but also possibly on personal circumstances.

If you are trying to organise a fairytale wedding on a budget, you can achieve a beautiful result simply by arranging your own wildflowers. Indeed, flowers are an element of your wedding where simplicity can work really well – the celebrity wedding planner Mark Niemierko, for instance, is “a big fan of using one type of flower on its own as it has mass impact.”

Niemierko continued, according to the Hitched website: “I love whites for flowers although pastels have come back into fashion. I love gardenias, peonies are amazing when they’re in season and I’m obsessed with hydrangeas, especially white ones.”  

Above all… prioritise what truly matters to you

So many brides and grooms are understandably overwhelmed by the task of organising any wedding, let alone one that they will wish to practically define the term ‘fairytale’.

If you, too, are wondering where to start, our advice is to take your time and think carefully about what truly matters to you as far as this extremely personal and special event is concerned. For some couples, it is the venue that is the centrepiece of it all, but others wish to place a particular emphasis on certain cuisine being served at the reception, or a specific overriding theme.

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, so nothing about the planning process should be rushed. Don’t just plump for the first venue or wedding dress that is vaguely to your liking if you want to avoid those pangs of regret that you didn’t shop around more.

Take your time now, and you can be more confident of planning a wedding on which you will reflect with pride in the years to come.