Creating the Perfect Home Office


A home office is a great place to chill out and work on your projects. If you have the space to create one of these then you’ll want to make it perfect for you! Here are our top tips for a fantastic home office.

The Colour Palette

It can be tempting to go for big, bold colours when it comes to decorating, but in a home office this will end up distracting you. While you want this room to be reflective of your personality, it should also be a place where you can sink into a working mindset.

Creating a mood board with all of the different colours that you plan to use will show you what the overall feel of the room looks like. Grey and beige tones are common in home offices, as they still add character without being overwhelming.

Maximise your Space

A home office is usually a luxury, instead of being an essential feature of the home, so you need to be creative with the space that you have. Take the time to plan out your ideal home office, then work out if it will fit nicely into the space that you have. The last thing you want to do is create a home office that is too busy or contains too much furniture.

You can use space saving furniture, like an L-shaped desk to serve more purposes in a small amount of space. This will give you more desk space, without having to add a table for a printer or other surface.

Don’t Clutter it up

Be selective when it comes to adding accessories and furniture to the room, as you don’t want your workspace to become cluttered. Start off with just adding the essentials, then you can decide if you want to bring in any personal accessories to the home office. If you have too many pictures, desk clutter and items then it won’t feel like a place to work.

Use Good Lighting

You may not think of this as a key consideration but the lighting in the room is also important. Using good lighting makes it easier to video conference and spend longer amounts of time in the home office without eye strain. Let’s face it, it’s a lot nicer to work in a bright environment than a dingy one.

You can use overhead lights or mix things up with some nice lamps for a more relaxed feel. If possible, you’ll also want to let in some natural light if you want to stay motivated. A bit of natural light tends to make us all feel a bit more awake and ready to work. You don’t want to work in an office where you can’t see the outside world from time to time.

A home office can be a great place to retreat to get some work done in a non distracting environment. Just make sure you plan and decorate it wisely to get the very most out of that space in your home.