Creative Design Tips to Add a Little TLC to Your Tiny Apartment Bathroom


When it comes to rental properties, whether it’s an apartment or house, you’re going to run into some decor limitations or restrictions, but apartments tend to be a little more challenging at times due to limited space. That’s just one of the aspects that come with renting, you know, but those restrictions are not deal-breakers. In fact, a lot of apartment complexes allow you to make changes to your living space as long as you change it back upon moving out.

As far as the actual setup and space of rooms in an apartment, the bathroom can be the most challenging to work with. It’s pretty common to see apartments with bigger living rooms and bedrooms but has smaller bathrooms. Even with that aspect in mind, a bathroom shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and functionality just because it isn’t exactly large.


Focus on the CAN’S Instead of the CAN’TS

Now, it’s very easy to sit around looking at home decor magazines and get caught up in the upscale lighting fixtures and dreamy claw-foot tubs… that can make anyone feel discouraged about not getting to make their living space as custom as they want. That is setting your focus on the Can’ts.

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, take a look at what you can do. In order to focus on what you can do, the first thing you need to do is to find an apartment so you can know exactly what you’re going to be working with. shows that researchers have found that more and more people are benefiting from optimism and positive thinking.

If you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment, hop on You’ll not only be able to view apartments of different sizes and setups, but you’ll also be able to look at pictures and videos of different apartments to give you a better idea of the bathroom size and decorative possibilities, making your Can’s seem a little more attainable.


When You Can’t Renovate… Rejuvenate!

Instead of Painting or Adding Wallpaper, Do This…

As mentioned earlier, a lot of apartment complexes will allow you to paint the walls as long as you paint them back to its original color upon moving. Well, you could paint the walls in your bathroom, but do you really want to go through the hassle of doing all that? Sometimes it’s not worth the trouble when you can do certain decor hacks that can totally make up for the boring wall color.

Get the biggest bang for your bathroom dollar by investing in items that you can actually take with you when you move out. Consider a bold shower curtain that has colorful art on it! Or create an accent wall around your toilet! You typically only see accent wall’s in living rooms but no, you can get really creative and have yours centered around the porcelain throne!

It’d Be Nice If You Could Get New Fixtures… You Just Might Be Able To!

First things first, check with your landlord first, but again, apartments are typically okay with changes as long as you change it back. In your bathroom, you may be able to switch out your toilet paper holder if it’s screwed into a wall or on the side of a cabinet (depending on how your bathroom is set up).

You can go to your local hardware store and pick up a toilet paper holder in a wood or metal of your choice. Also, if your showerhead is detachable, you can easily swap that one out with a newer, more updated one that may even have multiple water pressure settings… talk about shower heaven!

Let There Be Light in a Bathroom With No Window

There are proven design tricks that allow your bathroom to seem lighter, brighter, and more spacious even without a bathroom window. To achieve this luminous bathroom transformation here are a few tricks to pull out your sleeve:

  • Mirrors
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Lighter colors
  • Accessories
  • Plants

Ugly Tile or Laminate Floors? Rug It Out!

If you’re cautious about getting a bathrom rug, don’t be. You don’t have to get the typical sink and toilet rug set that comes with a toilet seat cover (unless you want to) but there are physical home decor stores and online shops that offer gorgeous rug options that are out of the norm and will make your bathroom really stand out. Imagine getting a standout rug paired with a bold shower curtain… your bathroom will be the bell of the “bowl-room!”

Take Your Time to Get What You Want

To get the bathroom you want in your apartment, take your time to do it right. Maybe you just need to refresh the grout. Invest in bathroom accessories you love and speak to your personality. Whether it be a shower curtain that has graphics that say “Keep Calm and Shower” or the shaggiest of rugs to distract your eyes from the hideous tile floors, make your bathroom your own little bath time getaway.