Creative Uses for Window Treatments


The original purpose of a window treatment was to provide privacy. It wasn’t long until a wide variety of window treatment styles popped up. Today, you can enhance your family’s privacy and the look of your home at the same time.

Well, window treatments aren’t just for the windows anymore!

Whether you have an old window treatment you don’t know what to do with, or you’re struggling with an undersized window, there are a lot of creative ways to use your blinds, shutters, and curtains.

    • Repurpose Those Old Shutters

Shutters are a creative window treatment option. They look timeless, and they can last a lot longer than other window treatment styles. They’re also a lot of fun because they can be repurposed in a ton of ways!

A few creative ways to repurpose shutters include:

  • Hanging them on the wall as wall art
  • Using them to showcase a mirror or piece of artwork
  • Securing them to the wall as a headboard in the bedroom
  • Using one as a mail organizer next to the front door
  • Turning them into vertical planters outdoors
    • Make a Window Look Larger with Long Curtains

Although this tip technically means using your window treatment as a window treatment, it allows you to customize the size of your windows without replacing them.

Oversized or long curtains can affect how large your windows look. If you want your windows to look bigger, hang the drapes at the ceiling, or let them pool on the floor. You can make a window look wider by extending the curtain rod well beyond the window.

You can even create a faux window using this method by hanging drawn curtains on the wall!

    • Create a Separate Space in the Same Room

Building new walls is messy, and it can be costly. Instead of dealing with a contractor in your home for weeks on end, create a new space using window treatments.

Curtains that can be drawn across a room allow you to create a new space where there wasn’t one before. Shutters can be fastened together to create a room divider, and even woven wood shades can be hung from the ceiling to create a separate space.

    • Make Art out of Those Old Mini Blinds

There are tons of amazing uses for old mini blinds. They can help you label plants in the garden, draw a line on a curved object, and clean the rim of paint cans. However, some of the best uses include creating mini blind art!

Create a storage box by weaving them together, curl them using scissors to create a unique chandelier, or fan them out in the shape of a starburst behind a round mirror. They can even be painted and hung on the wall like a piece of artwork!

A window treatment isn’t just a window treatment. With the tips on this list, you can think outside the box and use window treatments in a wide variety of ways you never imagined.