Crucial Bedroom Tips For Getting The Most Of A Good Night Sleep


Sleepless nights are the worst thing that can happen to you. The happiness depends on how good has your body rested during the night. Quality is over quantity here. The quality of your sleep is more important then the hours you have slept. Did you know that the design of your bedroom can have a huge influence on the quality of your good night sleep? Many choose to go for smart modern solutions such as the Leggett & Platt S-Cape 2.0 adjustable bed. We have prepared a complete guide for transforming your bedroom into a cozy and relaxing space, where you will not encounter problems with your sleep. Check these bedroom tips!



The most important thing that will allow you to have a good night sleep is the mattress. That is the first thing that you should be oriented to. A good quality mattress will make a huge difference. Your body will have the right position, which will eliminate the pain. A bad mattress is the reason for chronic back pain and other issues. The following things are the ones that you should have in mind when choosing the correct mattress:

Firmness– The firmness of your mattress depends on the position that you sleep in. A soft one is perfect for the ones that change their positions a lot. While, a firm one offers good back support for the people that like to sleep on their back. For the ones that suffer chronic back pain a medium firm one is perfect.

Durability– Your mattress needs to be high quality. If it is durable and made out of good materials, it will survive a lifetime.

Additional features– New modern mattresses come with additional features such as:temperature control, ergonomic features and anti-allergen properties. RestRightMattress offers many different types of mattresses that will suit your needs.

Right colors

Did you know that colors can have a huge influence on the quality of your sleep? Soft and calm colors will do way much better than dynamic and energetic ones. Choose neutral colors, blue, green and purple as these are scientifically proven to have benefits for your sleep.



Different rooms require different types of lighting, depending on the activities. Since you need relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to chill and take a nap, you will need soft lighting. You will need to pay attention to the next types of lighting:

  • Ambiance lighting– This is defined as the overall lighting in a certain room. And it is being implemented by light fixtures,pendants, or chandeliers. Keep in mind that light bulbs with blue tones are suitable for creating a calm atmosphere. Warm tones ones bring energy into the space and you certainly don’t want them to disturb your sleeping process.
  • Task lighting– An additional source of light that helps you with certain tasks. If you love to read a good book before you head to counting the sheep, then get a lamp or an overhead light fixture.
  • Natural lighting– Yes, it is the one that comes through the window. And when e are talking about the bedroom, it is not so desired. Make sure that you get dark and thick curtains or drapes to hide the morning sunshine so it won’t wake you up unnecessarily.