Crucial Summer Fashion Tips For The Hot Days


Summer and style, can we even have both at the same time? With the temperatures rising, it is so hard to keep up with the fashion. That’s why we have some pretty smart tips for you today. Check the crucial summer fashion tips that will help you stay stylish and comfortable in the hot days!

The shoe trick

Did you know that your feet swell during the summer? When the weather it too hot, your veins will expand and fluids will surround the tissues. The body is not able to bring all the blood back to the heart as a result of the hot weather. This will cause swelling in your legs. Before buying your next pair of summer shoes, you should consider that. This important trick will save your feet from bruises after a long walk on a hot day.

The solution? Get a slightly bigger size than you would in winter. But how big? It all depends on the material that the shoes are made of.

  • Shoes made of natural materials, such as leather or suede will stretch when you wear them. Going up half-size is enough.
  • If the shoes that you have chosen are made of artificial materials, then they should be one size bigger. When your feet swell, your shoes will be so much comfortable.

Get the perfect summer dress

Summer is not complete without the colorful, comfy, light dress. A dress is an excellent choice for withstanding the high temperatures. You can check for some pretty dresses here. However, there are a few things that you should consider when buying yours.


The material that the dress is made of is so important. It really makes a difference on hot days,when all you need is a light and breathable fabric that will keep you cool. What to go for, and what to avoid?

  • Keep away from poly-blends. These types of materials will not let your skin breathe and are the worst choice for a hot summer day.
  • Choose natural fabrics. Natural materials will help you stay cool because they are breathable. The best ones for wearing in summer are:cotton, linen and silk. These are the perfect materials for your summer dress because they will look so stylish and will keep you cool at the same time.


Despite for keeping you cool, your dress needs to be fashionable and stylish too.

Pattern. Fun and eye-catchy patterns are an excellent choice when it comes to summer fashion. Since the weather is too hot for building up your look with lots of accessories, let your dress tell a story. You can go for a Tied Floral Wrap Mini Dress, or nautical stripes. The choice is up to you.

Go maxi. Summer is the perfect time for maxi dresses. The fabric will protect your body from the sun rays. A casual summer Slit Open Back Floral Maxi Dress  would be the perfect choice for the beach.

Minimize the accessories

When the weather is just too hot you don’t want to have too much accessories. Big pieces of jewelry will make you sweat and feel comfortable, and that’s why you should avoid them. Instead, you can pick a stylish summer bag. Or, a pair of glasses that will complement your summer fashion look. Zaful has a wide choice of accessories that will complete your summer fashion haul.