Culinary Coordination – 6 Impressive Interior Ideas for Revitalising your Kitchen

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We often hear that the kitchen is the heart of the home and a well designed, beautiful kitchen can sell a house quicker than any other single room for that very reason.  The trouble is that your average designer kitchen can cost upwards of $40,000 to install and for many of us, that just isn’t an option.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to transform your kitchen dramatically yet economically, into the social hub of your home.

Let’s look at a few economical ways in which you can add value, beauty and style to the most important room of your home, on budgets ranging from shoestring to a little more substantial.

Dressed for success

The quickest, cheapest way to makeover your kitchen is through dressing.

Homeware Secrets is an ideal place to garner ideas and buy everything – bar the kitchen sink (forgive the pun!).  

For a homely yet contemporary feel consider:

From the ground up…

The ideal flooring for a kitchen should be easy to clean, hard wearing, non-slip, water resistant and beautiful.  

Natural timbers or manufactured flooring can reflect light and create a delightful ambience when combined with thoughtful lighting solutions.  They come in a wide range of tones and hues to suit any decor.

Hard tiles or stone, may be beautiful but they are unforgiving when something is dropped onto them and can be prohibitively cold underfoot and expensive to install.

Splashy splashbacks

Splashbacks in a kitchen have long been regarded as a big ticket item.

Custom sized, specially treated glass and professional installation, equate to a high price tag.  Whilst glass is an attractive material, easy to clean and maintain, it is not the only option.

  • Tiles – while many people cringe at the thought of tiles, a natural tone and artistically placed tiles (think herringbone patterns), can make a classic statement whilst keeping the budget to a minimum.
  • Boards – cheap boards can be painted, varnished and waterproofed then attached to your wall for a unique, rustic look.
  • Stainless steel, tin or brushed aluminium – while sheets of metal are often used in kitchens, bear in mind the cleaning issues.  Metal is unforgiving when it comes to fingerprints and smudges, so it’s not for everyone.
  • Acrylic – for a modern look which combines the benefits of glass with added style and colour, using acrylic sheeting for kitchen splashbacks is a great option. Lightweight, durable and inexpensive to fit, acrylic balances attractive design with simplicity and convenience.

Lights, camera, cook

Lighting alone can transform your kitchen into a stunning showpiece.

Pendant lights carefully arranged to reflect off surfaces are a contemporary way to inject a bit of pizzazz into a muted kitchen colour scheme.

Cabinet corrections

Nothing dates a kitchen like colour.

The olive greens and oranges of the 70’s and 80’s can sap the value of your home quicker than termites. On the up side, the transformation which can be effected simply by a professional spray paint can be phenomenal and add many thousands of dollars to the value of your home and even more value to your quality of life!

Ikea have an affordable selection of kitchen cabinets.

Simply installing a couple of 10 lite overheads cabinets, fitted with lights, can give a kitchen a feeling of luxury.  

Being shelf’ish’

Integrating shelving with ornate brackets can be a delightful touch in any kitchen, enabling you to showcase your knick knacks.  Natural wood finishes can add a rustic farmhouse feel while white and silver imbue a feeling of understated chic.

Shelving gives you the opportunity to set the tone of your kitchen with the use of your decor, whilst also creating a feeling of space which is often lacking when overhead cabinetry is installed.

No room in your home should be sterile, cold and lacking heart; this is especially true for one’s kitchen.  It should beckon you to come in and stay awhile, encouraging your artistic juices as you conjure up culinary delights.  Transforming your kitchen into this type of haven is easier, cheaper and more satisfying than you can imagine, so begin today.