Custom Essay Writing on Traveling


A travel essay puts its influence on the reader, no matter who the traveler is and writing about what type of travel. So, it’s worth mentioning here that the writing will not be complete unless the impact of the travel is described. It’s a fact that every person perceives information differently from others. This is the reason it is important for the writer to mention what you as a traveler actually saw, felt, heard and witnessed throughout the journey. Because this may tell the reader about you and the way you observe things. About the essay writing, the key to success is to fill it with details of your travel experiences and then filter all unnecessary facts. Keep this query of your reader in mind always,” What does my reader want to know after reading this? Because this will keep the direction of your essay right and your thoughts organized. To be successful in writing this essay needs your observation, dedication, good writing skills, a good technique to impart information and most importantly traveling experience.

So, here are few tips that can make your essay a perfect piece of writing on travel:

  • Your storyline must be clear

Travel is actually a series of multiple events, not a story itself. Some of these are really interesting and some not worth mentioning, like reaching your hotel each night. So, as a writer first identify what all events are interesting and can make up a story. Recall those and make up an outline of this in chronological order.

For guidance on this see travel and other articles published in weekly and monthly magazines. Try to get their stand first and apply it to your own story.

  • Keep your objective of travel in mind

Some of the travels have some objectives, like reaching the top of Mount Everest. This will create an enthusiasm in reader’s mind because you achieved your objective or not, is not something that reader cares about, instead, he is more interested in the feelings you had, the things you observed and ease or difficulty with which you climbed up.

And on the other hand, if you don’t have an objective of traveling a particular area, create reader’s interest by setting some short-term objective or curiosity of your mind at that time as your objective. Like, for example, “I asked those old Egyptians there because I wanted to know what locals believe about the Pyramids of Giza.”

  • Don’t forget to include Dialogues

Direct speech has the direct and profound impact on the readers, as they make it more original. “Look the thick clouds covering the peak”, said Joseph.

  • Switch between ‘Realize’ and ‘Tell’

These two are different techniques of storytelling. ‘Realize’ is when you describe in detail what you have been through like you saw, you tasted, etc. On the other hand ‘Tell’ is like you keep on writing that such events happened and you are just moving a story.

  • Give yourself time to finish

Sometimes a perfect travel story may end up in nothing, like bullet train if approaches its destination within seconds of departure. What would happen? a disaster of course. In the same way, if a travel essay ends abruptly it would confuse the reader because no matter how good you have moved the essay so far, such ending may lead the reader to conclude that the essay was not good at all. Therefore, sum up the whole travel story and end up creating curiosity for another such story by saying that soon you are going to write another story on so and so travel of yours.

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