Cyprus – Its Never Been a Better Time to Relocate


Pictures of Cyprus’s clear blue oceans, warm sun, and perfect beaches give the impression that Cyprus is the ultimate vacation destination. Don’t be fooled though that this Island in the eastern Mediterranean sea is all vacation. Cyprus is actually a great place to relocate to. Cyprus is an up and coming residential country. Here’s why you should think about planting some seeds in Cyprus.


Part of the EU

This means that all the rights of the EU apply in Cyprus. Thinking about moving to paradise for retirement? After all those years of working for that pension, you can live in paradise and still keep that pension. Since Cyprus is part of the EU, you can easily collect your pension while living the life you’ve worked so hard to enjoy. 

  • allows dual-citizenship – You don’t have to give up your former life to start a new one in Cyprus. Enjoy all the perks of living in such a beautiful country and still be connected to your past.
  • Safe family living – Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Cyprus invests much of its funds into the safety of the country. Another reason why Cyprus is so safe is that the police force and intelligence agency react as soon as any threat comes their way. So if you’re looking for a place to give your children a safe future, Cyprus might just be the place for you.
  • t’s a great place for your business – Establishing your business in this EU member country will ensure good trade, travel, and work with other EU member states. It’s a good place to have a business thrive. There are also low tax rates which also help individuals and businesses stay afloat.

Low cost of living

Given that Cyprus is an island, there is a lot of reliance on imported goods. Despite that, the cost of living is much lower than other countries in the EU. Renting properties is low cost and therefore gives you more opportunities to save money for that house that you will eventually buy in Cyprus, obviously. You can look forward to other perks such as:

  1. Beautiful weather all year long
    The sun shines in Cyprus all year long, which means that the beach season is much longer than in most countries. The beaches are ranked the cleanest in the EU, so you definitely will want to take advantage of that sunshine while relaxing on the beach.
  2. Good health care
    The national healthcare system in Cyprus provides free healthcare. Initial emergency treatment comes at no cost in government hospitals, no matter who you are. Another perk of living in Cyprus is that the country cares about encouraging a healthy lifestyle. There is much investment in projects where people can take part in active sports. This helps citizens stay in good health.

You don’t need to know Greek

Most people in Cyprus speak English. So if you’re worried about the language, there is no need to fret. Doctors appointments are also a breeze since most doctors in Cyprus are also fluent in English.

The residential and commercial real estate market is growing
Prices to purchase a home are still bearable, but they will definitely rise. It might be worth it to explore your options such as those on Prime Property’s website. Prime Property is a great resource for buying real estate in Cyprus. They will help you figure out all the rules and regulations for property ownership.

The Takeaway:

The beautiful Cyprus beaches can help rejuvenate, but becoming a resident of Cyprus is also a breath of fresh air. There are many benefits to moving to Cyprus. Before it becomes a new hub, it is worth it to check it out and visit this site to gather some more information.