Dark Skin Makeup Tips That You Really Need


Are you looking for some dark skin makeup tips? We have some helpful tips to share with you. Dark skin is specific when it comes to makeup. But, you need to know a few tips and tricks. They will prove to be helpful in your everyday makeup routine, so make sure that you don’t miss them!

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Color correcting

Dark skin tones have skin imperfections too. Maybe they are more noticeable in lighter skin tones, but you still need to cover them the proper way. Make sure that you use a proper color corrector for your skin imperfections. If you have dark undereye circles, use a color corrector with a red or orange tone. Even after that, you can cover with a concealer with your skin tone.



When it comes to contouring, you shouldn’t skip this step. With a little bronzer under the cheekbone, you can sculpt your face. Use a shade that is perfect for your skin tone.

To make your face appear fresher, you can use a blush. But, be sure to use a suitable shade for your skin. Dark skin girls should apply deep tones such as cranberry or mauve.



Bold eyes are a good choice if you have a dark skin tone. Go for bold eyeshadow tones to make a statement. Jewel tones are a great pick.


Pick the right foundation

Getting the perfect foundation that matches your skin type and tone is crucial. You can have the rest of the makeup perfectly done, but the wrong foundation will break the look. Avoid foundations with a white pigment. These can look gray on your dark skin.

Finding the perfect tone for your dark skin might be difficult sometimes. But, don’t give up. There are so many brands that offer a foundation for dark skin. Do a little research online, and order your perfect foundation if you can’t find it in stores. Also, make sure that you have the right formula for your skin. If you have oily skin, avoid foundations with a dewy finish and stick to matte or semi-matte options. If you have dry or normal skin, go for hydrating and dewy formulas.



If you have dark skin avoid cold toned lipsticks. Pink and red with cold hues are not a good choice. You can stick with plum, nude, and brown tones. Go for warm earthy tones as the most flattering choice for dark skin.