Dazzling Bedroom Designs With Striped Accent Walls


What does it first come to mind when you think about decorating a bedroom? I guess it’s the bed, and afterwards comes the rest of the furniture. Do you sometimes think about the walls? Yes, usually the plain and boring walls that nobody pays attention to. They don’t have to be just ordinary walls, and instead you can accentuate them and make the room seem more playful and interesting. In this article we are going to inspire you to add some dimension to your bedrooms, so scroll down and take a look at the Dazzling Bedroom Designs With Striped Accent Walls. Striped accent partitions within the bed room are available in a wide range of shapes and kinds, and it’s typically the wall behind the headboard that’s embellished. It’s best to select simply two colors for stripes in smaller rooms, whereas bigger rooms can pull off a striped accent wall with three or extra colors.

If you were thinking about decorating a wall in the bedroom this is definitely the perfect way to do it. Stripes work miracles withing the bedroom and their design and presence may give the room an ambiance that ranges from the eclectic and playful to the delicate and classy. The accent walls with beautiful stripes are really easy to pull off and the cost of them is very low compared to other wall decorations. You can choose between the horizontal stripes or the vertical ones. Most of the time people prefer more the horizontal stripes. When getting the choose them, think about your room whether is big or small. The vertical stripes work the best for small rooms with low ceiling, because they make it to look more airy and spacious. Check out the photos below and take a look at the amazing designs that will captivate all of your attention!

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So ladies and gentlemen what do you think? Will you be implementing stripes in your interior decor soon? You can put them in your room, or in your kids’ room. They will look perfectly well in both rooms. I love all of the designs, and I truly hope that you do as well. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up for more interior designs, because we are always here to keep you inspiring!