Deadly Places That Dirt Hides In The House


Image Credit: Pixabay

There are several dangerous places in your house that you’d never think dirt would hide. Dirt and germs such as cold viruses and bacteria can live in some unexpected places that will be hard to discover. Here are some of the surprisingly dirty areas in your home which you should ensure are cleaned from time to time.

Kitchen Sink

For instance, if you by mistake dropped a piece of fruit in your kitchen sink especially when rinsing it, would you even think twice about popping it back in your mouth to eat it? It is proven that your toilet may be cleaner than your kitchen sink though at the mere thought of retrieving anything from the bowl of your toilet may make you sick. The food particle from plates left to soak or those rinsed from dishes remain in the dishwasher and serve as a breeding place for disease-causing bacteria such as the deadly E. coli and salmonella. The bacteria can get into your hands and spread to other food thus causing a disease infection.

Most people tend to give their toilet bowls more consideration when washing them and forgetting to do the same to their kitchen sink. They assume that rinsing their sinks with water will make the sinks clean, but logically they will still be dirty. The cleaners in London will ensure they sanitize your sink to prevent the spread of bacteria by using a concentrated solution of bleach and water and let the solution run down the drain and lastly remove the drain plug to clean it when they are cleaning your house. This helps to kill all the germs in your sink reducing the risks of you getting an infection.


A bathtub is not clean as it is a place where you clean yourself and leave the dirt on the surface. Moyes proves that the main reason why bathtubs are filthy is that the dirty water tends to get trapped in the pipes thus providing a very suitable breeding ground for bacteria. You do not have to worry anymore as the expert cleaners will disinfect your tub with professionalism using bleach or bathroom cleaner which is recommended by specialists. The cleaners will then clean out your bathroom pipes to prevent accumulation of bacteria hence making you live in a clean environment which is free from disease-causing organisms.

Computer Keyboard

Eating at your computer is hazardous and health since you may sneeze on your keyboard and maybe sit down to surf the internet without washing your hands. It was proven recently by researchers from a British consumer group that very harmful bacteria such as E. coli and staph are hosted in keyboards. The germs had a five terms higher level than those germs that are found on a toilet seat. You should take the first initiative of washing your hands before and after using your computer. Cleaners will always provide quality services that consider your health such as cleaning your keyboard with alcohol; or bleach wipes which will sanitize and kill the germs in your keyboard.