Decoding the Mattress. The ABC of Picking the Right Mattress


When it comes to picking the right mattress, it doesn’t mean that you have to look into the available options. It simple means that you should focus more on identifying your individual needs and choose the best match accordingly. However, once you have sorted your needs as well as budget and you know what you want, you may start exploring options – both online and offline – whichever way you please. Before hitting the mattress store across the street, do your homework to avoid any kind of confusion. Read on…

Let’s take a look at two of the main attributes of a mattress that should help you with your next purchase.


The first thing you need to look into is the support component of the mattress you are buying. Support Component constitutes the base, which determines durability and strength of a mattress. There are various types of support component options available in modern mattresses. Some of them are:

Pocket Spring Support System features individually inserted and sealed tempered steel coils into a pocket or sock, which forms a single unit, and many such units are then fused together to form a base for the mattress. Usually, king size mattress in Brisbane comes with pocket spring support system, making it highly durable and worth every penny. Since this kind of mattress has independent spring units, which adapt to the body movement and limits partner disturbance, it’s a great purchase for couples. These lightweight mattresses are ideal for hot climate.

Bonnel Spring Support System has hour-glass shaped independent spring units that offer immense comfort and ensures quality sleep for years to come. Mattresses designed using this technology are highly durable and offers great stability.

Continuous Spring Support System, as the name suggests, features independent spring units that are made from one length of wire. Since the helical spring wires run down the length, partner disturbance is reduced considerably. It’s an ideal option for those looking forward to an affordable purchase.

Latex Support System provides for improved circulation and minimizes roll-off situations. This kind of mattress provides a wonderful support as well as a more natural body contouring for a goodnight sleep. Since latex is highly resistant to bacteria and other allergens, its a great choice for people who are allergic to one or the other kind of micro-organisms.

After SUPPORT COMPONENT, you must look at the COMFORT COMPONENT of the mattress before finalizing the purchase. Comfort Component is the superficial layer or we can say the interface between the mattress and the user. Before we move on to discussing comfort components, you will need to understand two concepts, namely Pillow Top and Tight Top. The former one is an additional layer used to cover support section of the mattress. Pillow Top allows manufacturers to use different combinations of materials to achieve the desired look and feel. On the other hand, absence of Pillow Top implies Tight Top. In this case, the comfort components are directly placed above the spring section.

Following are some of the comfort components along with their benefits.

Polyurethane Foams are low-density soft foams that are used in quilting of the mattress, plus they act as the main comfort component in a standard mattress, which do not use Pillow Top.

Dacron has the look and feel of cotton wool. It is a non-allergenic fibre-fill that offers great comfort and ulta-soft feel to the body.

Memory Foam mattresses are widely known for their plush feel. They never fail to soothe your body’s pressure points with the comfort that comes from pressure-sensitive, visco-elastic material. The best thing about this comfort component is that it conforms to the body’s shape and help relieve muscle tension and pain.


With aforementioned information, it’s easier to pick the right mattress for your individual needs, and if you are still not sure about your purchase, consider contacting your nearest mattress store to get further assistance.