Décor Tips to Add Allure To the Living Room Home Theater Experience


Do a search for “home décor” and there’s a slim chance you’ll see good ideas for sprucing up your living room home theater experience. You can’t capture the magic of Hollywood in your living room if you’re not making the right home theater design efforts. All aspects need to be taken care of – only focusing on living room decorations and furnishings won’t cut it.

Because every element (internal and external) has to be controlled, home theater décor is more difficult. Therefore, homeowners can commit mistakes without the right guidance, such as invest in the wrong things. To ensure you make the right choices to level up your living room home theater experience, here are some tips:

  1. Sign Up For a Great Entertainment Option

Just taking one simple measure is enough to call off the weekly search party on Sunday for a place at the local sports bar. Once you sign up for entertainment options like DIRECTV packages from Direct-ticket.net, the best seat is the one that’s in your house. The right package will deliver every game and channel on your TV in an HD picture and sound quality so real that you’ll almost feel like you’re a part of the action. Moreover, you’d be able to use a single screen to watch different footage so there’s no need to invest in multiple televisions.

  1. Seating Should Follow Performance Design Principles

Home theater seating should follow some performance related principles. For instance, the seats should provide a clear view of the television, so they should be raised. Likewise, viewing angles are best in the range 36-50 degrees to fill the field of vision. Also, if the living room has an issue of foot traffic, you can move the seating a bit forward than in the center, or you consider putting a table in there. Nothing shouts “don’t step here, please” than a large piece of wood.

  1. Get the Living Room Décor Right

One of the biggest parts of the home theater décor experience is the room the system is placed in. The materials of interior design, walls, and even colors would make a difference. For instance, homeowners should avoid bright colored walls in the living room because they’ll make the light reflect back onto the screen. It’s also important to take sound performance into consideration when selecting surface materials. Reflective surfaces like hardwood flooring should be tempered with things like carpets and pillows – this will make the surface absorb the sound. Lighting can be incorporated based on the experience you want to create; for example, colored LED lights are good for drama, while accent lighting will lead the eyes to where they need to go.

  1. Say NO to Wires

The biggest home theater décor blunder is exposed wiring. It’s especially overdone for mounted speakers and flat-panel displays. Black coils coming down the wall would just put a dent in all the other efforts you’ve made. If the equipment comes with a lot of wires, make sure they’re inside the walls. Ask the installer to snake wires from the equipment to the TV and speakers. AV equipment and high-quality mounts should include some cable-management feature to allow homeowners to keep cabling tidy and nice.

That’s how you’ll make a great home theater experience.