Decorating Ideas on a Budget for Small Spaces


Many reality programs showcase large mansions and luxurious homes. Everyone adores these images and shows. Unfortunately, many think that they can’t achieve the same level of beauty for their homes. But the truth is, you can turn your home into a beautiful one, even if it’s only a small house. 

Decorating a small house is easy as long as you know what to do. It can be tricky because you have a smaller area to work with, but it can be the other way around. Another advantage is that with a smaller space, you most likely won’t have to spend thousands to make it beautiful. 

Ready to begin decorating for that dream home? To get you started, here are some decorating ideas that you can follow. 

Cheap Decorating Ideas for Small Homes

There are many ways to decorate a small home. From DIYs to minor remodelling, you don’t need to break your bank account or apply for big loans. Here are some great ideas that you can try. 

  1. Splash of New Colour – One of the most cost-efficient ways to decorate a home is by using paint. What are some ideas that you can do with paint? One way is by painting the wall with bright light colours to make the illusion of making the room bigger. If you want something more fun, try painting stripes on your walls. To do this, line up rows of tape on the surface. Then, paint the sections in-between the tapes to create stripes of colours. With this DIY technique, you can create a simple striped wall or an abstract design using lines. 
  2. Get a Deck – When decorating your home, you’ll also want to decorate the outside area. One way of doing it is by building a decking in your backyard space. Not only does it add beauty to your outdoor yard, but it also gives you suitable outdoor living space. If you have the budget, go with composite decking. It can last longer and is more worth it over time. It’s also very easy to maintain. 
  3. Wallpaper – Paint will last a while. Because of this, you may be undecided about what colour to choose, especially if you love variety. If so, why not consider using wallpapers instead. It may not be as cheap as paper, but you’ll get flexibility. Aside from the walls, you can also use paper on different objects. For instance, you can put it over the tables, sides of a drawer, or the headboard of your bed. 
  4. Cabinet-full of Collectibles – Do you have a lot of memorable collections scattered around your home? If so, why not consider putting it all in one glass display cabinet? Not only will this showcase your collection, but it will also be an effective focal point for your living room, or wherever you decide to place it. What else, it helps a lot declutter the rooms where they originally were. 
  5. Replace Light Fixtures – Houses often come with builders’ grade light switches, plates, and fixtures. A simple change of these can improve how a room looks. Plus, it can help you achieve a cohesive look by matching the fixtures with the overall design of the room.
  6. Change the Lightbulbs – Like paint, a simple change in lighting can affect the mood of a room. For instance, if you want to make a room calmer and cosier, you can replace the bulbs with dimmer and softer lights. On the other hand, brighter and harder lights can produce a playful and energetic atmosphere. 
  7. Use Bottles and Jars – Have some bottles and jars lying around? You can turn them into beautiful DIY pieces. For instance, you can paint glass bottles or wrap them with colourful fabric or paper and use them as flower vases. For jars, you can transform stick rechargeable led bulbs for an instant DIY lantern. 
  8. Repurpose old furniture – One of the first things you want to do when decorating is decluttering. However, you may want to think about repurposing some furniture before you dispose of them. For instance, a dresser can be made into a bookshelf. A chair can become a side table. An old drawer can be a vertical planter for your garden. 

Designing a small home is possible as long as you have the imagination and drive to do it. With some changes here and there, you can give your home a fresh new look. It can be even as beautiful as the ones that you see on the shows.