How to design a contemporary bathroom


Are you looking to modernise your tired old bathroom? We spend a lot of time in this room, so it’s worth getting it right. With a little know-how, you can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave – and that will impress your guests! Read on to find out how to get started.

Consider a shower room

This is an especially great idea for turning a small bathroom into a luxurious space in which you can totally relax. Removing the bath and installing a large shower will free up lots of space, and will give the room a truly contemporary edge. If you’re on a budget and you have some DIY skills, you can create your own shower or wet room.

Get the tiles right

Tiles can transform the look of your bathroom. To get a modern and clean look, go for pale or muted colours. Smaller rooms can be given the illusion of space with bright white. You can find a wide choice of tiles from the likes of CTD Tiles that can take your bathroom from so-so to breathtakingly modern and sophisticated.

Clutter proof

There is little point in spending your hard-earned cash on beautiful tiles and new fixtures and fittings if your bathroom ends up being filled with clutter. Invest in some clever storage solutions to maintain clean lines and make the room feel like a calming and relaxing space. Add height with stacked shelves, or put up shelves with inverted brackets to keep everything neatly contained. Alternatively, you can build a full-length mirror that also acts as a large storage cupboard.

Choose your flooring carefully

Match your wall tiles to floor tiles to create a more spacious look that appears bright and airy. Alternatively, go for wood flooring for a classy and expensive look. Fancy a European vibe for your bathroom? Try mosaic flooring for a fun holiday type look that will be the envy of your visitors.


Accessories can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. In fact, if you can’t replace your fixtures and fittings, choosing a few great accessories is the next best way to take the room from shabby to chic – with very little effort involved!

A large mirror is a great way to project light and make your bathroom feel much larger. Try cove lighting to create a space between the wall and tiles for a contemporary edge. Get some gorgeously fluffy towels and add an expensive beauty product or two to create a spa like atmosphere.

You can make your bathroom smell and look great by adding some scented candles, or go for the ultra-modern take on this: an essential oil diffuser. There are some stunning ones available that will really add to the look of the room, and you get the luxury of choosing your favourite scent to make it a little more personal to you.

Designing a contemporary bathroom is fun and simple with a little planning and attention to detail. If you’re inspired by your work on this room, find out how to transform your bedroom next!