Design ideas you can use in your home and make it look more luxurious


While many people are installing smart features and making their homes more tech-friendly, there’s still something really special about living in purely luxurious quarters. The intricate details make a home what it is. When you visit a home where the homeowner put thought into the look, design and feel of the home, it’s very evident. Knowing this, there are a few ways you can intentionally create the home of your dreams. Consider these design ideas you can use in your home and make it look more luxurious.

1. Paint the ceiling.
The ceiling is one of the largest surface areas in every room. Yet, it is one of the most commonly ignored spaces. If you’d like to make an impact in an unexpected way, consider painting the ceiling. If you’re really artistic, try painting a pattern like clouds on the surface. Yes, it’ll take a considerable amount of time, but the results will be stunning. Make sure to cover all of the furniture so that paint doesn’t stain the surfaces. For the floors, consider adding Flame retardant surface protection so that you can paint without worry of a messy clean-up process.

2. Change the doorknobs, wall plates and handles.
Do an online search to find amazing decor boutiques that sell stunning doorknobs. Acrylic door knobs are beautiful, easy to match and lend a vintage touch to any room. If the previous homeowners didn’t leave lovely wall plates, don’t be afraid to swap them out and get your own. You can also consider sanding down the ones you have. Paint the wall plates in a color that matches your current decor for a fun look or choose a simple and neutral color.

3. Create an ornate statement dresser.
If you trust your local thrift store, purchase an inexpensive wooden dresser and get it delivered to your home. Before making that purchase, make sure it is free of bed bugs. You don’t want to deal with that type of saga. Once the dresser proves to be safe for use, sand it down and paint it over in the color of your choice. To make it even more ornate, add a stencil pattern to a portion of the dresser. Replace the old knobs with new ones that pop. This dresser can easily go in one of the bedrooms. It can also become the TV stand or a statement piece in the foyer where you place your keys and other trinkets.

4. Add runners.
Make a beeline for your dressers, coffee tables and the dining room table. Consider the colors in each of the rooms and purchase runners for each surface. It’s a great way to add texture and depth to a flat surface. It’s amazing what the addition of a simple runner can do to make a space cozier.

5. Infuse natural elements.
Plants are great for air purification. They’re also excellent for making a space look lived in. There are a few fun ways to add plants into your space. Create a vertical garden on one of the walls in your home. It’ll take some maintenance, but a vertical garden can add such a beautiful calming element to a room. If you don’t want that type of maintenance, add a few potted plants to different rooms in the home. A fiddle leaf fig tree is a lovely addition to an area near a window. Succulents are also very popular and low-maintenance. Don’t forget to pick up a lovely bouquet of flowers while you’re at the grocery store.

6. Add area rugs.
When it comes to adding an area rug, don’t believe the myth that you have to have hard, cold floors in order to get one. You can use an area rug on any surface including carpet. You can choose to use area rugs that are highly graphic and allow them to serve as art beneath your feet. Make sure that you choose area rugs that are the correct size for each room.