Designers you must have heard about but you can barely recognize them


Not all the famous designers are public people. There are plenty of designers you must have heard about or you even posses some of their creations, however you can not recognize them if you see them. You surely have no idea how does Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfinger look like. Check some of the most famous yet less seen in public designers.

Marc Jacobs

When he was only 23 he managed to design his first collection with the tag of Marc Jacobs thanks to the sponsors that were willing to help him as they’ve seen the potential in him. However he is one of the most modest designers and he does not show up in public as the rest of his colleagues do.


Christian Louboutin

Since he was young, Christian Louboutin used to design women shoes for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Mod Frieson as a freelancer designer. At the age of 27 he decided to build his own company. Later he even opened his first store. Not so long after that he started designing shoes for the royal families and the famous people. His unique black sole of the shoes became number one hit in the world and something he is famous for.


Michael Kors

As a teenager Michael used to design clothes and was selling it from the basement of his parent’s house. At the age of 17 he enrolled studies at the Fashion institute for technologies in New York but he gave up after only nine months. He later opened his own store. Four years later he created his own collection for women and was selling it in the same store he opened on his own.


Tommy Hilfiger

He opened his first store for clothes when he was twenty. However he bankrupt only five years later. This made him move to New York where he used to work for several fashion companies. At the age of 28 he opened his own fashion company with the name Tommy Hil. Six years later, with the help of sponsors, he created the corporation Tommy Hilfinger which nowadays is one of the most famous worldwide.


Christian Lacroix

Originally his will was to become a curator at a museum. He moved to Paris when he was 22 where he studied history of art. It was then when he started showing his passion for fashion. Untill the age of 24 he already had his first collection for luxury clothes.


Miuccia Prada

The youngest great-daughter of Mario Prada started her own family business for designing luxury items when she was 29. At the age of 40 she managed to finally finish her first woman collection and sell it. Five years later she designed her first man collection as well. In 2014 Miuccia was listed among the most influential people on the Forbs list.


Calvin Klain

When he was young he used to work in different fashion companies in New York. He even worked as a street artist from time to time. He founded his company Calvin Klain along with his friend Barry K. Schwartz when he was 26 years old. Firstly it was based only on men clother but later they included women collections as well.