Designing The City in the Sky


The architects from the Buchan Group have changed the face of Adelaide Casino by creating strong design statements for SkyCity. The casino was initially designed to provide an integrated entertainment complex. In addition, the redevelopment of the casino incorporates an expansion of multi-tiered casino, which has 123 luxury hotel rooms and suites, a multi-purpose function centre with a capacity of 750. Besides, there will also be a wellness centre that offers, pool, sauna, gym and day spa. Speaking of food & beverages, the casino will have a range of new restaurants signatures and dining experiences. The casino will also have a destination roof-top bar and it will upgrade the existing facilities in the historic Adelaide Railway Station Building. 

This new transformation for the casino will be designed to deliver a vibrant entertainment and dining venue for the locals. The design will seek to realise the potential of this location which is considered to be the heart of the city. The rejuvenated Riverbank Precinct will help engage with the interconnected public place and the pedestrian traffic will be considered which will invigorate the precinct.

About Adelaide Casino

Currently, Adelaide Casino is an entertainment place which has a destination hotel where guests can experience the extraordinary. The Eos by SkyCity is able to encompass the finest in modern hospitality. It has signature restaurants and entertainment, opulent suites with spa experiences. 

Adelaide Casino is also known for its casino, which is considered the best gaming destination in South Australia. The casino spans on two floors of the historic Railway Station building, which is on the banks of River Torrens, right in the heart of the city. The venue is ideal for an exciting day or night out where guests will always find entertainment in Adelaide. At the casino, guests can experience the full suite of TAB and Sportsbook facilities in Grandstand Bar on Level One. There are big screens and multiple displays and terminals. 

These monitors feature Sky Channel which is screened across four displays, two terminals, six screens that display fixtures and seven information touch screens. In addition, there are other games that can be found at the casino. The gaming machines are the newest and most exclusive in South Australia which has a huge variety of slots. Let’s not forget about the table games which can be found in a captivating and sophisticated atmosphere. Guests can try exclusive table games such as baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud, Vegas Star Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, rapid baccarat and rapid roulette. In addition, there is also a poker zone only and VIP gaming. 

The New Design

The Adelaide Casino has gone through some changes like the expansion of the general gaming at the ground level, level 1 and level 9. The hotel can be found at levels 3-8 and it all of its 120 all-suite had their redesign, addition of restaurants, bars, and top bar. At level 2 a function venue is located that provides two main function rooms. The expansion happened to the hotel’s reception, poll, gym and wellbeing facilities. At the lower levels, a back of the housing facility was also expanded in order to support the new hotel, food and beverage, dining, staff and gaming operations.

Besides, the new building was designed to be a glittering, glowing jewel that looks like a piece of sculpture which rest on a ground plane that has an infinite faceted array of glass. This array presents the shimmering luminous quality day and night. The objective was to create something more than just a beautiful building, instead the Buchan Group has created a beautiful object. The redevelopment has created for Adelaide Casino a grand urban gesture which is recognised as an object of a national and international icon and imagery for the city of Adelaide. 

The building is presented with consistent architectural expression with a layered and wave linear form. It is a design response that has as a reference to the meandering river settings in Adelaide. The reference acknowledges the flow of pedestrian movement around the building and the waving banners are for hitting the festival spirit at the heart of this entertainment facility. This layering of the building provides, in a pragmatic sense, an alignment to the horizontal expression of the railway station. 

The interweaving linear waveforms have some moments of intersection where the form is like a bridge to the horizontal layers that provide the element of vertical expression. This expression adds a dynamic sculpted quality of the form of the building, which further, the form is articulated with vertical glazing mullions as a counterpoint for horizontal balcony bands. 

The entire facade is made of double-glazed vision and spandrel panels that possess the same gold/bronze reflections that accentuate the singular form of a sculpted object. Throughout the day, the reflective glass changes the colours, depending on the weather conditions and surrounds. The Adelaide Casino building is set right against one of the most historical buildings in Adelaide, the rail station. The purpose was to set off the northern side of the station in order to allow breathing room between the two iconic buildings. And the breathing room itself has become important by creating a three-level atrium zone conceived as a ribbon of glass that divides the buildings but also unites them. In addition, the glazed walls on either side have a lightweight roof, with ETFE or Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene and in order to achieve a high level of translucence, there had been designed a triple-layered cushion of air.