Designing the Laundry Room of Your Dreams


When it comes to designing a home or buying a house, the laundry room isn’t the first room that comes to mind. In fact, it’s rarely considered at all. But if you want to live in a house that’s functional and organized, the laundry room is more significant than you realize.

Uncovering a Laundry Room’s Purpose

The laundry room is a small space. For homes that have a dedicated laundry room, the space is generally 50- to 75-square-feet (at most). But for such a small space, it sure is integral to the day-to-day task of managing a household. A well-designed laundry room should be:

  • Accessible. A laundry room should be easily accessible. You’ll find yourself coming in and out of this space frequently, and it’s nice if it’s on the main floor.
  • Secluded. While the laundry room needs to be accessible, it should also be secluded. This is true for a couple of reasons. First off, this isn’t a space you necessarily want guests to see. Seclusion will allow for greater privacy. Secondly, you don’t want the noise and vibrations from your laundry room to disrupt your daily life. By secluding the room, you can drown out some of this noise.
  • Functional. A laundry room needs to be functional. Make sure there’s space to fold and iron. It should also be ergonomically sound, to prevent unnecessary bending and crouching.
  • Inviting. You’re far more likely to use your laundry room if it’s warm and inviting. This is why it’s important to design with your personal tastes in mind.

Very few homes have a laundry room that’s accessible, secluded, functional, and inviting. Most homeowners can tick off one or two of these, but the objective is to have all four bases covered.

4 Laundry Room Design Tips

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing space, designing the laundry room of your dreams requires some vision and planning. Here are a few tips to move you along in the process:

  • Create a Practical Layout

The layout of your laundry room is the first major decision. Select a layout that’s right for your family and needs. While laundry is obviously the primary use, this space may also be used as a study nook or craft room. Think through all of these little details.

As Gina Hannah writes for HGTV, “A great laundry room layout will include not only efficient spaces for all of your tasks and storage needs, but which will also be an attractive and inviting room you’ll look forward to working in, even if laundry isn’t your favorite thing to do.”

  • Carefully Select the Washer and Dryer

Your washing machine and dryer are the largest investments you’ll make in your laundry room. Don’t take this decision lightly.

According to Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center, “Selecting a washer and dryer should involve more than price comparisons and a cursory glance at features. You need to take into account issues like space, personal laundry needs, reliability, and the installation team that will be getting you set up.”

Look around for the best manufacturer and service warranties. You want brands that stand behind their products.

  • Think Strategically About Storage

Because you’re working within a small space, maximizing square footage is a must. Clever storage will go a long way towards helping you achieve this goal.

“If you like the look of ‘hidden’ appliances, install your washer and under a countertop as part of your cabinet design,” Hannah suggests. “Cabinets or open shelves installed above the countertop or appliances can hold laundry supplies and other cleaners and household items.”

Much like in a garage, vertical storage is your friend. Utilize wall space and try to conceal as much storage as you can through the use of cabinets and doors.

  • Try Something Bold

Use your laundry room as a chance to step out of your comfort zone and design something bold. If there’s a paint color, material, or design element that you’ve been too intimidated to use in a main living area, this is a great sample space to try it. Few people will ever see the room – so let your creative energy go wild.

Putting it All Together

For such a small space, your laundry room can have a big impact on how you interact with your home. Take the time to plan ahead and perfect the details. You’ll inevitably encounter some small issues and minor hiccups along the way, but it will all be worth it in the end.