Are Diamonds a Worthy Investment and Should You Buy Them Online?


If you are thinking about getting engaged, the next step would be to think about buying an engagement ring. Although there are many high street retailers out there that sell diamond rings, could it be worth your time buying a diamond online and are they a worthy investment? If you cannot find a ring that is right for you, you may want to make your own, here is why you may want to consider buying your diamond online and how to do so.

Understanding Your Options

Most of the diamonds you will see online are mined diamonds. These are diamonds that have been taken straight from the earth by people mining. Although these might seem like the best option, there are other options available such as second-hand diamonds, if your price range doesn’t quite reach a new one. Watch out for conflict diamonds; these sometimes get into the market through a loophole. These diamonds are used to finance wars in war zones and are not ethically sourced. You may also want to consider a simulant, which looks like a diamond but is made of different chemicals and therefore cheaper.

How to Shop Savvy

When shopping online for diamonds, you may see certain companies come up time and time again such as James-Allen-diamonds. This is a good sign. You should purchase from a retailer that has a good website and is genuine. Shopping on a popular site can ensure your diamond will be of real quality and you will not be purchasing a conflict diamond. Look for brands that use real photos or videos on their website, not just digital renderings. If you cannot find a real image, get in touch with the company to see if they can send you one.

When searching for carat sizes, try not to use a whole number. You could purchase a 1.95 carat diamond for a lesser price than a 2 carat, and you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Make sure to compare prices too, as you may find the same diamond for less.

Picking or Designing a Ring

There are many different stones for wedding rings and you can have them aligned to different designs. The best way to choose a design is to research them all and their benefits. If you search on Pinterest, there are many pretty designs, but they may not stand the test of time and you may end up spending more money getting replacement diamonds. The very thin band design, although in demand at the moment, may not be thick enough to be 100% secure and might not be worth the risk. This is just one example of small diamonds that are set around the band or like a halo can get dirty very easily and are at risk of falling out, whether made yourself or bought from a shop.

A tall setting could end up ruining a few of your favourite jumpers as they tend to get caught on anything and everything. Platinum is more durable than gold and will not bend, but it also scratches more easily.

Are Diamonds a Worthy Investment and Should You Buy Them Online?

If you want to be able to design your own ring, then buying online could be the cheapest way to do so. Shopping online means you can order from anywhere in the world, you can shop different brands easily and compare prices without trailing around stores. Your ring will also be tailor made for you. Buying diamonds online ensures you choose exactly what you want, what size you want, and the carat you want. It also means you can alternate and perhaps buy a simulant if you are happy to do so.

If you have been shopping around for rings and cannot find anything that is right for you, you may want to consider investing in a diamond online. Whenever you do this, it is best to see what it would look like in real life first, as you do not want to tailor make it to be disappointed with the outcome. Shop around and take your time. Find the best deal and work with a retailer you can trust.