Did You Know You Could Go Camping at the Dead Sea?


Camping is a fun, family-friendly activity. It’s fun if you don’t want to splash out on a resort hotel or luxury villa. The only downsides to camping are when it rains or its cold, but if you visit a hot destination, this won’t be a problem. The Dead Sea is a prime example of a vacation destination where camping is a great way to see the sights on a tight budget. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about camping when visiting the Dead Sea.

Why Go Camping?

As we have already mentioned, camping is perfect if you are on a budget. Lots of people visit the Dead Sea on day trips from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do this, but a few short hours is not enough to truly appreciate everything this amazing place has to offer, particularly if you want to explore Masada. Pitch a tent at a campsite and you can visit the wider area at your leisure.

There are a few different campsites in the Dead Sea, Masada, and Ein Gedi region. Some are cheap and cheerful whereas others offer a more upmarket experience.

Camping Neot

The Camping Neot site is 20-minutes from the Dead Sea Shore and is ideal for budget travelers. You can pitch your own tent or book a space in one of the large communal tents with a mattress included. The site has hot showers and a swimming pool. There is also a grocery store and a BBQ area.

Kesem Hamidbar Campsite

The Kesem Hamidbar campsite in Moshav Neot Hakikar is only a short distance from the Dead Sea. This site is perfect for people who want a more luxurious experience. The site has beautiful Bedouin tents that can accommodate up to 25 people. You can cook food on self-service BBQs and take a hot shower. The site provides pillows and mattresses, so you will enjoy a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Shkedi’s Camp Lodge

The Shkedi’s Camp Lodge is in Neot Hakikar, 20-minutes south of the Dead Sea. You can stay in stylish bungalows or air-conditioned cabins. Mattresses and sleeping mats are provided. Facilities are good and include hot showers, BBQs and a self-service kitchen area.

Masada Campsite West

Bring your own tent or rent a tent at Masada Campsite West; mattresses are included. If you don’t want to camp, you can rent a guest cabin. Facilities include BBQs, hot showers, and a kitchen with a refrigerator.

Kefar Hanokdim

The Kefar Hanokdim has a real desert vibe with Bedouin tents and great views of the Judean desert. Masada is not too far away and the Dead Sea is within easy reach. You can go for a camel ride on the site or explore the gardens. It’s a really peaceful place and the perfect place to visit if you want to relax and enjoy a break from normal life.

There is one campsite on the shore of the Dead Sea, but it’s currently closed due to sinkholes. However, keep checking as it may reopen at some point.