Different Types of Commercial Can Openers


In several occasions, many people put in mind their kitchen tools while shopping or budgeting. Can openers be one out of the few kitchen utensils that are often forgotten? There are several types of can openers, and knowing which one to buy may be difficult.

It’s essential to have an appropriate type of can opener for a specific job. First, it will save you a lot of time and energy, and help you open a can in the best way possible. Under commercial can openers, there are three distinct types of can openers, namely crown punches, electric can openers, and manual can openers.  


When you only have a low-volume use, you’ll go for manual can openers, while crown punches are meant for high-volume usage. Electric can openers are for moderate use.

  • Manual Can Openers

There are standard manual can openers and heavy-duty can openers. When using them, you only need to turn a crank and remove the top. The heavy-duty opener opens up to six cans per minute, while the standard one opens up to three cans in a minute.  

The heights can matter a lot, too. For instance, the heavy duty can opener cans up to eleven inches tall. On the other hand, the standard can opener will open cans up to seven inches tall.

Whether you need the standard can opener or the manual one, you should opt for the guide products. They are of good quality, and therefore durable. They are made of rugged cast iron, covered with melonite arbor coating, and you won’t have to worry about your can openers rusting.

However, Nemco 56050-1 CanPro is the best you can ever choose. It will help you avoid any possible cross-contamination and create a smooth cut, which will easily remove the lid.

  • Electric Can Openers

It’s very easy to use an electric can opener, and you shouldn’t worry about that. The can spins under a dull blade on a gear mechanism that pulls it tight. The whole process is operated with a pull of the lever. There are no magnets or buttons involved in the process.

Their units have been designed in a manner that they can accommodate several, but the specific size of cans. Their easy, single-hand operation makes them fit colleges, health care, and university use.

  • Crown Punch Can Openers

This is only ideal for heavy, commercial use.  A single motion of them would make you open several cans. Basically, you’re required to place a set of blades in the lid of the can (the set of blades is usually circular). The whole lid will be removed in a single swift motion.

They can open up to three thousand cans in a day and up to ten cans per minute. Normally, the crown punch can openers’ blades are set to open ten food service cans, and that’s the standard rate. However, square cans can also be set to be opened.

The Bottom Line

Are you in need of can openers?  www.tenbestreview.com/home-kitchen/top-10-best-can-openers/ will help you identify the top best can openers of this year, and make it easy for you to decide on which one to go for. Remember to use the right can opener for the job to avoid constantly replacing parts or buying brand new ones.