Direct-to-Consumers Versus Showroom Retailers – Expert Tips on How to Increase Mattress Sales


There is an increase in direct-to-consumer sales, but showroom mattress retailers have a remarkable chance to apply solid digital and in-store marketing strategies to build trust among potential customers. 

How direct-to-consumer manufacturers are different from the showroom retailing mattress business?

Direct-to-consumer manufacturers

Manufacturers are connecting with their consumers directly. They are offering buyers convenience by eliminating the middlemen commission. Thus, customers save money and time. 

The best box spring and mattress buy journey starts with price comparison. Some buyers choose the cheapest option but today people are getting aware of how important a mattress is as it is connected to their sleep and health. Therefore, mattress technology is developing and a plethora of innovations have been witnessed. For example, the memory foam gel-infused mattress offers support to your body as well as keeps you cool all night. Ultimately, the pure and simple sales mantra is quality wins.

Online mattress manufacturers create interesting strategies without making the potential buyers feel pressurized offering feel-good incentives like eco-friendly designs or donation of a mattress to a charity after every 10 products it sells. Some online brands selling directly to customers offer an appealing full-refund guarantee. This is mostly because it is not possible for customers to ‘try-out’ physically, as the mattress is sold exclusively on the internet.

Showroom retailers 

Showroom retailers have limited opportunities to showcase all their products but the strong weapon they have in their arsenal is ‘try-out the mattress first-hand before purchasing. On the showroom level, everything is about the experience, so retailers need to stage and stand out. 

According to experts, the difference between successful and unsuccessful sales depends on customer experience quality sales representatives deliver. It was surveyed that online retailers are winning more customers because the prospects are not satisfied with the showroom shopping experience. It means showroom retailers need to upgrade their selling tactics to stay competitive. Before making sales build a bond and showroom ground allows the retailer to establish physical communication. 

Customers adore choices. Everyone’s buyer’s need differs like some prefer thick, while some desire organic mattress. Brick & mortar retailers are capable of offering more than 80 mattresses on the sales floor. They are in the best position to cater to the customer’s specific needs. To stand out from competitors, retailers need to have an inviting storefront. Everything needs to look clean and organized.

 Even the brands they display need to tout premium quality. They also need to upgrade their interior with luxury vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood. Have a kid area that includes games, books, cartoons, etc., so that parents can enjoy their shopping without frustration and make an optimal decision. 

An increase in direct-to-consumer sales is a challenge to mattress showroom retailers. Fortunately, showroom retailers can invest in digital marketing strategies and create brand awareness directly through addressing consumer’s pain points. It means creating captivating marketing assets like eBooks, blog posts, and infographics that highlight your product.

Expert tips on increasing mattress sales

Be resilient

Top salesmen advise key traits the sales force will need to develop resilience. Salesfloor failure must never deflate the salesperson. Consumers buy or don’t buy! If they don’t, it is not something personal. They may not buy due to different reasons. 

Salespeople must stay focused and remember that some will and some won’t, there is always another opportunity. Rather than lamenting where the sales pitch went wrong a successful salesperson will concentrate on the next opportunity waiting around the corner. 

Avoid jargons

Customers get confused with jargon. The conversation becomes a joke when the salesperson has to explain the jargon. Remember, if you cannot understand the term then the customers won’t. Therefore, first get to know the product technology and specifications you are selling in detail. 

Each mattress has specific characteristics and their performances differ from one another. The sales representatives need to be clear about every fine detail. The salesforce needs to express clear and interesting facts about the products. 

Sell accessories with mattresses

The key to selling accessories is to build value for the mattresses you will be selling. For example, a soft pillow offers comfort, while a mattress pad increases bedding lifespan, a mattress protector keeps the duvet fresh. Retailers can take advantage of every selling opportunity, so add accessories to your mattress sales process.