Discover Some Interesting And Functional Furniture Pieces For Your Home



A house is not complete without some furniture in it. Not only is it used for functional purposes such as providing comfortable surfaces for sitting, resting or sleeping, furniture also decorates you home.

There is an endless variety of it. Furniture pieces come in various sizes and are made of different materials. Many people prefer their home furniture to be made of wood. This is a commonly-found material that is strong and very versatile.

Moreover, it is durable and can be manipulated by professionals or beginners. As long as you have the right tools, you can work on some interesting and highly functional beginner woodworking projects. With some practice and creativity, you can actually create some amazing items.

To inspire you, here are 10 amazing wood items of furniture for your lovely house.

1. The Unique Capstan Table
Have you ever seen a wooden table that can expand in size while retaining its shape? If not, welcome to the Capstan table. It was designed by David Fletcher and has a chic, round shape.

He designed it such that the table has a number of panels which can be moved to increase its size while retaining its circular shape. It offers you the chance to have a table that can host few or many guests easily.

The Capstan table also looks like a work of art when it is folded into its smaller form.

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2. The Staircase Storage Solution
One of the resources that we can’t get enough of in our homes is storage. We need to have as much space to store our stuff as possible. Are you wondering how to get more storage space without cluttering your house with cabinets?

Then the staircase storage solution is ideal for you. Made out of wood, it is a series of drawers stacked upon each other in a shape that resembles a pyramid section. It was designed by Danny Kuo and is upright and vertical in design.

The 3 lower drawers have wooden lids that transform them into a short staircase that can help you reach the higher drawers. Moreover, there is a side rail to help you stay secure as you climb. With this unit in your home, you will never run out of storage space.

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3. The Evolution Door
Doors are a security unit for our homes. They help us to secure rooms or even separate them. Traditionally, they swiveled on a pair of hinges in a swinging motion. Created by artist Klemens Torggler, the Evolution door changes this form of movement entirely.

The door folds upon itself like a sculpture made using the ancient art of paper folding from Japan known as Origami. To open or close, it splits halfway into two independently-moving panels that settle to its side.

You do not need to use excessive force to move it because it transforms on its own weight. Moreover, these panels are firmly attached to each other. This gives the unit a long, durable shelf period and it will last as long as any other furniture in your home.

Wow your guests and give a futuristic atmosphere in your home using the Evolution door. View this futuristic door by visiting

4. The Flap Table Luxury Gold 
Multi-functional furniture is very interesting. With the Flap Table Luxury Gold, you can have a dining table and pool table in one. Designed by Koralturk, this interesting and classy table can change from a dining table into a pool table with a simple pull out surface panel.

It is made of high quality MDF and covered in gold leaf. There is a specially designed little drawer on the side of the table for holding the balls prior to play. The pockets are also located in their usual spots and direct the balls into the unique mechanism in the table.

With the Flap Table Luxury Gold, you do not have to sacrifice on leisure in your home. You can play some games right in your dining room. View the amazing creation by visiting

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5. The Multifunctional Sofa and Dining Table
Rarely do we come across a multifunctional piece of furniture that can transform into more than two different forms. Well, the multlifunctional sofa and dining table accomplishes this. It can be used as:

• A sofa

• Dining table

• Dining seats

Created by Julia Kononenko, you can use it as a simple sofa. You can also pull out its padded cushions, disassemble the table and create a dining table with two seats for it. If you want a space saving multifunctional piece of furniture, this is the one to pick.

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6. Stained and Painted Crate Shelf
Every home needs to have some shelving. This provides us wih extra space to store our valuables. In most cases, this is provided by a single, traditional shelf unit. This is often difficult to move due to the weight.

Thankfully, the DesignedForUse store on Etsy has a solution for you. They sell stained, wooden crates that you can stack upon each other to create a shelf of any shape for your home. They are deep, durable and strong. Moreover, they arrive unstacked at your home.

Hence, you can stack them in whichever order and overall shape that you desire. In addition to that, you can simply unstack them when you are moving. This makes them versatile and handy all at the same time.

View the stained and painted crate shelf by navigating to

7. Vintage Jewelry Boxes
One of the most important storage spaces in the house is for our jewelry. We need some secure, easily accessible spaces to store our earrings, necklaces and more. In addition to that, jewelry storage needs to be secure.

This is to keep our more valuable items safe for example diamond earrings. To provide you with such a space, Shabbyshores provides us with jewelry boxes that are designed to look like miniature, vintage dressers and shelves.

They are even stained and painted to look dated. Zoomed in, you would be forgiven to think that they are full size furniture. Navigate to

8. Repurposed Old Table Nightstand
Repurposing furniture is an interesting activity for creative carpenters. The process gives new life to old pieces of furniture. One of the most interesting applications of this practice is the repurposed old table which created a nightstand.

An old table was cut in half and each resultant section used as a nightstand. Colored in hot pink, it is an interesting addition to any bedroom. View it by navigating to

9. The Mirrored Dresser
Many of us have fantasized about being celebrities. We admire the glamorous life that they live and the shiny glass in their dressing rooms. You can add some of this starlight into your home with the mirrored dresser.

Essentially, it is a dresser where the visible surfaces on the drawers are covered in glass. This makes it look glamorous and reflects the rest of your bedoom on it. The mirrored dresser allows you to feel like a celebrity every time you are dressing up.

View this amazing creation by David Bromstad at

10. Story Multifunctional Sofa
The practice of adding extra functions to furniture is currently trendy among carpenters and furniture designers. They enjoy putting together common furniture functions into one unit. This results in pieces that are capable of giving you function and storage space all together.

One of such furniture items is the story multifunctional sofa. This is a unit that works as a bed, workstation and sofa all in one. It also has additional drawers in its under section that work to provide you with spaces where you can store clothes and shoes.

The Story multifunctional sofa was designed by Fanny Adams and provides storage solution for houses where there isn’t much space.

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Furniture completes your home and makes it more comfortable. Each piece has its own unique function. Some furniture is purely for comfort where you sit and lie on it while others provide you with space to store your belongings.

Some of the most amazing ones available today are indicated above. You can also sample more at They are eye-catching and guaranteed to provide quality service for you.