Discover the Most Remote Beaches of Crete


Crete is a very famous Greek island that almost every tourist wants to visit. The island is one of its kind with spectacular scenic views and a couple of natural beauty and culture that you cannot miss. It is one of the best draw cards for Greek tourists. Crete also has a handful of beaches where you can visit to enjoy some time under the sun. 

Most people want to visit the most popular beaches of the Island. Although this is not a bad thing, you will find that most of Crete beaches are overcrowded. For the best experience in this island, you should spare some time to research and find some of the most remote islands of Crete. There is no limit of things to do and see in Crete. With so many hidden things about this island, you should make sure you have some information about it. Learn these 6 things about Crete to make sure you have all the information before you visit.  


The fact is that Crete has no shortage of Beautiful sandy beaches, all of which are easily accessible and at the same time have a couple of tourist attractions and plenty of things to see and do. 

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This beach serves as the best place to enjoy nature and natural shade under beautiful palm trees. If you want to have a warm stay at the beach, you can rent a sun bed with an umbrella. The beach also offers a big parking lot and some rooms to rent if you want to spend a night there with your loved ones. In the morning, you can wake up to have a stunning view of the stones. 

Agios Pavlos

Here is another rocky secluded beach of Crete where you can spend some time with your loved ones. The only issue is that this beach lacks natural shades during the day. The wisest thing to do is rent a sun bed with an Umbrella for just 3 Euros per person or 6 euros for two people. What most people love the most about this beach is the wooden stairs that lead to a path on the upper part of the hill. You can spare a few hours to take a view from up there. The view is amazing and you shouldn’t miss it. 

Kyani Akti Beach

Here is another very famous beach of south Crete which offers some of the best and the most fascinating tourist attractions. The beach is located in the Souda Bay and is just 2 KM from Kalyves. It is a lovely sandy beach which is easy to find but most of the people don’t take time to visit it. The beach also features some good hotels, restaurants and beach hotels where you can settle for some time. 


Lastly, we will talk about this small beach that is situated 14 km from Chania Town. The beach features crystal waters and at the same time is protected by strong winds. It is an organized beach that you shouldn’t miss in Greece. There are some nice taverns along the beach that serves fresh fish and some luxury hotels too.