Distorted mirror syndrome


The people nowadays, especially the young ones, tend to check their value through the social media. Firstly they start by the physical appearance and how “liked” they are. They don’t agree with their beauty unless they have a confirmation by a certain number of people on the social media.

When the care about the reflection you see on the mirror turns into obsession it’s when the mental health gets affected and suffers. It’s than when you have to take care indeed. The distorted mirror syndrome means that the person, mostly teenagers, constantly looks for defects in herself. This means that if a girl is not happy with her appearance she always puts an accent on her defects, even exaggerates. This behavior leads to dissatisfaction, low self-confidence even depression.


What’s worst, the teenagers tend to compare themselves to the others. They try to follow some norms that the society and the media impose. In addition, they compare themselves to what they see on the social media platforms and try to copy and fake it. This is known as a social comparison. The more we compare, the bigger the dissatisfaction. As a result, the young people feel not enough, feel like they don’t fit, they are not attractive nor successful.

The case gets worse if the person analyzing and comparing herself had previously had problems with her self-confidence. It can be followed by depression, anxiety and loneliness. The newest research show that this case can lead to anorexia even.


It is true that the modern technology gives us a plenty of advantages. It offers us a better connection and communication with everyone all around the world. However, the social media should be used moderately in order not to suffer the negative effects of their existence.

Everyone has a need to share his feelings with the others, regardless if they are positive or negative. But nowadays, just because of the social media, the other people’s lives seem to be more beautiful than our own. This is the main reason for dissatisfaction even though barely anyone shows his true colors. Everyone selects very well what he uploads and shares on the medias in order to pretend to be what he would like to be. They try to leave a better impression so to be liked and respected more. What they care is about the other people’s opinion rather than trying to change something.


The people with emotional problems tend to spend more time on internet. This only makes their case even worse because instead of educating themselves how to improve their situation, they stalk the others. That’s why, from the youngest ages, the kids should be taught how to appreciate, respect and love themselves first. The more you like yourself, the more the people like you.

When they become teenagers the parents should teach them how to choose for themselves and be objective. They have to teach them how to follow their passion, as well as the disadvantages of the social medias on every aspect of their life. That’s the only way to save them from this kind of syndrome.