Ditch Your Regular Glasses: 5 Tips to Find the Best Contact Lenses


Compared with the quality and types of contact lenses manufactured in the past, they have improved a great deal and have become a perfect alternative for regular glasses. They bear all the benefits which a pair of regular glasses cannot provide. One can have a full field of sharp, direct, and peripheral vision with contact lenses. They are way more comfortable and convenient than eyeglasses because they don’t fog up or get wet in winters or if you walk in two different temperature zones. It is a good option for people into sports as they need not worry about the breakage of their glasses or need not fix it again and again.  

With contact lenses, women need not compromise on their style and can show off their eye-makeup and extended eyelashes without hiding them under the frames. They can amp up your overall look and make you look even more graceful.

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It’s not just your eyes’ power, which differs; even the required type of lenses vary from individual to individual. Continue reading for the five best tips to find the best contact lenses suitable for you:

Choose Lenses as Per Your Use

Usage of contact lenses varies from person to person due to varying vision problems and lifestyle. You can choose a suitable pair of contact lenses based on your lifestyle and use.

  1. Go for daily disposables if you don’t wear contact lenses regularly; otherwise, it’ll be a costly affair.
  2. Use monthly disposables with regular cleaning if you wear them daily. 
  3. If you’re suffering from blurred vision or astigmatism, you should go for toric lenses.
  4. Colored lenses are a good option if you want to create that dramatic look along with vision correction.
  1. Accommodating Vision Problems

You need to choose lenses according to the vision problem which you’re suffering from. If you have an issue of:

  1. Nearsightedness: You can wear all types of lenses. 
  2. Farsightedness: This can be rectified majorly with the help of spherical lenses.
  3. Presbyopia: Usually, this happens due to aging. The use of bifocal or multifocal lenses would be appropriate for this.
  1. Soft Contact Lenses Vs. RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) Lenses

Both of them have different advantages and disadvantages and are equally useful for different individuals. 

Soft contact lenses are comfortable to wear, allows oxygen to pass through, and maintain eye health. Due to their texture, they are prone to sticking environmental pollutants and infection from your hands. In comparison, RGP Contact Lenses are a bit uncomfortable to wear but provide sharper and clear vision. They are more suitable for people with presbyopia and astigmatism. In comparison to soft lenses, less oxygen passes through.

  1. Take care of your Allergic eyes 

If your eyes are vulnerable to allergies of any kind or if your eyes get dry frequently, you should be careful while choosing your lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are the way to go as they help keep away infections from your eyes and avoid any major issue at a later stage.

Find A Perfect Pair of Contact Lenses for Your Eyes

Eyes, being the most sensitive organ of your body, should be given high-end protection and safety. No two people can share the same type of contact lenses due to different eye specifications and vision problems. Before buying a pair of contact lenses, you should consult your optician and consider the specifications he makes you aware of.

Reputable retailers,  like Titan Eyeplus, offer the best quality lenses. They have all types of contact lenses from various brands like Bausch and Lomb, Air Optix, Freshlook, etc. You can easily order a pair of contact lenses as per your specifications and get them delivered to your place or you can visit your nearest store.