DIY Car Repair Kit Tools


You might have experienced it, well maybe at least once, but if you have been in one of those situations where out of nowhere your perfectly working vehicle develops a fault all of a sudden? Then keep reading.

Whether you drive a hand down or a brand new vehicle, it’s a car and anything can happen at any given time. So it is expected for your car to undergo repairs, at least maybe once or twice.

If unexpectedly, you get stranded with a damaged car, you might not be so lucky to get a good mechanic. If you do, it might be challenging to balance their sky-high bills.

There are some car repair kit tools that you would one day prefer to every dollar you have. So save yourself the stress and get yourself some car-repair superpowers!

We have a few essential car repair kit tool like the jack, the multimeter, the tire gauge and several others we have briefed below.

  • The Socket and Driver set

It doesn’t matter how many experts, or how well a car is manufactured, there would come a time when some parts come loose. Just those loosen part might be the problem of your vehicle, and that alone might cost you both time and finically.

Having the socket and driver set could save you from instances like tightening a loose battery terminal connection, or a slipped hose clamp. You don’t need to have so much knowledge in the automotive field to handle these slight issues.

  • Torque Wrench

As essential as the torque wrench is, it is one tool you wouldn’t find in a drivers set. The working of the torque wrench is simple, but it has to be handled with caution. The best type of torque wrench you can have is the clicker-type where all you have to do is simply turn the bottom handle and align the top to the original specification.  

As you adjust the torque, you can tighten until you hear a two-click. You should also avoid over-torquing the nuts, so the bolts don’t shear off and it would be easy to be removed when it has to.

You should also note that you can screw up the settings of your torque wrench if you use it to remove lug nuts, so instead use an impact wrench or a breaker bar.

  • Tow Strap

What about situations where you find some help? Maybe someone agrees to help move your car from a dangerous or an isolated area, and then you realize you don’t have a strap to pull your vehicle. A tow strap is made of fabric with hooks at the edges, strong enough to pull your car for a few miles.

  • Multimeter

Logically multimeter is one kit you never want to omit from your car tools. The electronic system of your car can’t always be trusted. Sometimes, some unexpected malfunctions occur, so the multimeter is essential to check the electrical glitches of your vehicle like hot wires how much juice are running through it.

  • Jack and Jack stand

Over time the jack stand has proven its importance, as it is the easiest way you can get cars off the ground. Situations of minor repairs under the vehicle and flat tires are impossible to repair without lifting the car off the ground, so now you see the importance of a jack and a jack stand.

To work a jack stand, make sure the floor is safe and flat that the jack fits well under the car. Also, lift the vehicle to a reasonable level that would give enough chance to carry out the needed action.

  • Reflective Triangle

If your car ever breaks down in an isolated and secluded area, then you need the reflective triangle. A reflective triangle is an essential tool for safety, not just for you but others too.

It would help get the attention of other vehicles to either try to provide help for you instead of just passing by not knowing your predicament or avoid accidents like running into your faulty car.

  • Tire gauge

The tire gauge would help indicate overinflated or underinflated tires. Regularly gauging your tires would help prevent excessive wears, reduce the risks of blowouts, increase the efficiency of your fuel, improve your grip and create a smoother ride for your vehicle.

  • Zip Ties

Right now you might begin to wonder, why exactly you need a zip tie? But let’s be real, what would you do when you have a loose hubcap, or other exterior parts of your car gets loose? Oh! Now you realize the zip ties are not just for childproofing cupboards and although they are temporary, they could save you a lot of stress.

You can even take a step better and get a zip tie that matches the color of your car to keep your vehicle looking nice and tidy.

  • Lubricants and Cleaners

Your cars are made of mechanical parts that need to be lubricated and cleaned regularly. There are a few liquid sprays to serve this purpose; a rust penetrant to unstick stiff bolts and prevent rust accumulation; the brake cleaner that can be used to clean the brakes and other metal parts. Others are the silicon lubricant that reduces friction and those annoying squeak sounds and the citrus degreaser to remove oil from axles, skid plates and steering components.


The last thing you would ever want have a car break down and be stuck in a rural area where repair services are not available or by the side of the road in an area known to crime and not have a means to get your vehicle safely out of there.

It is crucial to have these easy to use tools, so you can successfully save yourself and get to a better area where you can make full repairs if required.

Right now would also be a good time to note that these tools should be stored in a reachable area of their vehicles for quick access.

Get these tools and start doing some small repairs now!