DIY Door Installation


Door installation is not as complicated as most people think it is. By following a few easy steps a person can install a door on their own. First of all, pick the right door, of course. Browse shops, find a moving company to get a man and van, or a van hire if you want to transport it home yourself, get the door and move it to your place.
Check the deals of local removal companies and see if they have furniture collection deals – that way you will not even have to leave the house. And do make sure that the door is the right size.
Set the Base
Make sure the base of the door in center in the opening and the hinges are on the correct side. Someone may have to help hold the door to get it in the right position.

2 (2)
Using a piece of finishing material adjust the door so that it is even. Make sure that the trimming studs will fit into place.
Tap it in
With a hammer tap in the shims so that they fit between the trimmer studs. Be sure to do this on both sides of the door. Someone should hold the door in place while another is nailing it in. This will help make sure that the door is even. Start off by hamming the lower hinge of the door in place with 1 inch studs and 10 d finishing nails. Try to put the nail in a location where it can be covered by molding at a later time.

2 (1)
Upper Hinges
Add the shims t the upper hinges of the door and nail them in place. This should be repeated for both sides of the door. While nailing the door in place be sure to check to see that the door is level. If not stop the installation and adjust the door.
Be sure to take any braces that were being used to hold the door in place. Be sure to check the door to make sure it opens and closes correctly. If the door is stuck take out the nails and try again. The nails may not be needed in this area.

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This process will make door installation easy. A person will be able to replace their door or install a new door without a problem. All you need is to follow the steps above, starting with finding the right removal van to get the door to your place. You may think that it would be better to use your car, but doors are nasty things to transport – you want professional movers handling that, or at least a spacey moving van to be completely