DIY Guide for Painting Your Garage


Your garage can be transformed into anything you wish. Instead of only using a garage to park your car, many people enjoy converting the garage space into an office, home gym, crafting station, music room, or any other creative thing. Regardless of how you use the garage, you probably want it to be looking fresh and new at all times. 

If you are looking for a way to transform the look of your garage, then we suggest some repainting. Here is everything you need to do about painting your garage as a fun DIY project. 

1. Plan Everything Out

Before you begin painting, you need to start planning how you want your garage to look like. Consider the different color schemes that you can use as well as the theme you want to follow. Don’t just consider painting the walls, but also think about the ceiling and floors. 

2. Spot Any Damages

The first step to remodeling your garage is to look for any damages that need to be repaired. You cannot begin the painting process until every last crack in your garage walls has been successfully repaired. Carefully observe the drywall, fixtures, and floor for cracks and spots. If you find any damages, you can easily repair them using drywall compound that can be found at any local hardware store. If there are cracks on the floor, then consider using a different type of compound to fill the gaps. 

3. Paint the Ceiling

Once all the damage has been repaired, you can bring your paint buckets out and start covering the entire garage. It only makes sense to start by painting the ceiling of your garage first since you will not have to wait for it to dry as you paint other areas. Once the ceiling is complete, you can move on to painting the walls, and then the floor. 

Remember to always start with a base coat to test the waters. Important tools to use during painting include a paint roller for the ceiling since it is difficult to paint evenly on that angle, and a paint sprayer to save time while painting the walls. 

4. Be Patient

Once you are finished painting the entire garage, you need to wait for everything to dry completely before you can clean up the mess, polish the floors, and bring all of your items back. If you are not patient enough, you can end up damaging the paint job and let all of your effort go to waste. 

Calling the Professionals

While painting the garage sounds like an easy job, the entire planning and preparing process can be rather tiresome. If you do not have the time for such an extensive DIY project, then we suggest calling an Orange County painting company and let them handle the entire job on your behalf. Not only will a team of experts know how to complete the job within a given time frame, but they will also choose the best type of paints and equipment that ensure a long-lasting and durable paint job for your garage.