DIY Luxury: Making Gorgeous Furniture By Yourself


DIY and luxury don’t usually seem synonymous. There are a lot of things around the house that are  simply better left to the experts. DIY projects are usually restricted to simple projects that can be done for cheap and completed relatively quickly.

But just because you’ve made something yourself doesn’t mean it has to look ugly and amatuer. With a little bit of effort and passion you could really put your creativity to good use and create a piece of furniture that’s as good as art. Here are some DIY luxury projects you can start on today:

Tilt-out rubbish bin

Ana White has this amazing idea for a tilt-out rubbish bin cabinet you can make from scratch. There’s a lot of materials needed to get it right, but if you have an old cabinet lying around the house that’s barely used and pulls out like this, you can modify it pretty easily. You can also modify the pull out cabinet in your kitchen. This cabinet hides away the rubbish bin and makes it easier to simply dump something as you go about your work. A cabinet with two doors could also help simplify recycling around the house.

Coffee Table – Guest Bed

Could a spare bed be folded away into a coffee table? Turns out it can. This project is relatively complex and needs an expert DIY-enthusiast to pull off properly. But the convenience is undeniable. The coffee table is large enough to use anywhere in the house and the whole thing can be instantly opened up as a bed for your guests. Find the instructions for this project at Rockler.

Knife Display

A simple and straightforward DIY project that instantly makes the kitchen look like a set for MasterChef. A rustic piece of wood that attaches to the wall and helps hold up all your favorite knives for everyone to see is classy and convenient at the same time. All you need is a piece of old wood, gel adhesive, drilling machine and some nails. Ceramic magnets attached at the back can help hold the knives in place. Here is an instruction article explaining the process.  

Add plinth blocks to door trims

This is a quick and easy way to make your door trims look classier. Adding a carved piece of wood that helps the door trim transition into the floor is a nice way to add that old-school, stylish look to your house. It’s a subtle change and a quick project, but it can make all the difference.

DIY Futon / Sofa

Futons aren’t usually synonymous with luxury. Most of them are just a wood rack that holds up a mattress, doesn’t cost much and is hastily put together. But with some planning and design, you can create a luxury sofa that folds down into a spare bed. The trick is to focus on making the frame sturdy and adding in soft, luxurious sofa cushions. With some quality materials you can probably make this DIY futon a comfortable sofa that looks great and folds out into a very usable sofa.

It’s not easy making good-looking furniture by yourself, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, these five simple projects should really add a lot to overall aesthetic of your house.