DIY Your Master Bedroom Into The Dream Home Office


How would you like to wake up, make coffee, and get right to work? Simply skip the getting dressed and taking a shower. While this would be a dream for many individuals, no one wants the conditions that have lead many to this reality. Working from home is a dream and always more convenient in many cases, but no one wants to be on lockdown because of some virus. Unfortunately, this is now a reality for many workers. While there are many perks that come with working out of the home, it does potentially create some problems as well. The first being a workspace. This is going to be especially troubling for individuals with already limited space. Luckily, you can take any room of the home and DIY it into a dream home office, even the master bedroom.

Get Yourself The Right Desk

You are obviously going to need a good sturdy desk that you can work from with multiple storage compartments and bins. That being said, just because you need a sturdy desk it doesn’t mean that the desk has to be immense. You can easily find a small desk that will provide the kind of quality and durability that you need to get your work done. That being said if at all possible you’re going to want to face that desk toward a wall or window. This is always a smart move, as it’ll help you keep your back to the bed. This will eliminate the thought of crawling back into bed and catching up on a few hours of sleep. Heck, it might make you forget you are in the bedroom altogether.

All that aside, trestle tables are excellent for any home office. They not only provide a beautiful look, but they help fill spaces. While they don’t offer a slew of storage and work compartments, they do help keep everything condensed and compacted.

The Right Chair Is A Must

If you have a desk, you obviously are going to need a chair to go along with it. The chair you sit in makes a major difference not only to your comfort but to your health. If you aren’t going to be stuck in the chair for hours at a time you might not have any concern about the aesthetics, but a lumbar pillow can go a long way to providing support and comfort to those that will be spending hours stuck in that chair. Either way, you are going to want a chair that is support as well as comfortable, even if you are only using it for a limited time throughout the day.

Separating The Areas

One of the biggest problems with creating a home office in the bedroom is the meshing. This was one of the main reasons for putting your back to the bed. You don’t want that constant reminder of being in the bedroom. It is always extremely important to keep a distinction between your work area and your relaxation area. Of course, if you have the room this probably won’t be much of a problem as all. While there are tons of viable strategies as to how you can provide this distinction, it really is going to come down to what works best for you and your work environment. One thing that can help with this is by sitting a regular start and finish time while never compromising. Treat the situation as if you were in the office.

All this aside, a curtain or screen is a good, easy, and affordable way to provide this clear distinction that you need. Closing the curtain when you’re done is a direct way to signify that you are done with work for the day. It’ll help keep your mind off things and prevent the urge to go back and get more work done.

Take Advantage Of Multipurpose Furniture

If you are really limited on space, you won’t be able to go wrong with multipurpose furniture. Being able to use your desk as a bedside table can come in handy in a number of situations. However, it does bring back up more problems with keeping that distinction. That being said, there are smaller things that you can do like closing your laptop or turning off your computer when your done to signify to yourself that your workday is over. Prevent your two lives from merging is a must for a master bedroom office.