Do It Yourself: Make Your Very Own Greenhouse at Home


You can make your own greenhouse at home by using recycled materials. Although making a big greenhouse costs a lot and requires some expertise, a mini greenhouse is a simple yet effective structure that you can build with minimal expertise and materials. There are different ideas you could implement that will not cost you much. Here are few greenhouses that are easy to make that offer enough room for different plants.

CD Cases Greenhouse

For this project, you need 40 CD cases, safety glasses, tweezers, a craft knife, painter’s tape, and plastic glue. To get started, clean the old cases by removing any markings and price tags. Ensure the cases are clean and clear before you use them for the project. The second step is to make the walls using the plastic cases, which you should join together using a glue. You will need six cases for each side wall. Make sure the hinges are not on the top, but on the sides of the wall. Glue all the four walls and let them dry overnight. After creating these you can then make another cover that you will use to close the greenhouse. Following this procedure, you will be able to make a complete mini greenhouse.

Umbrella greenhouse

To make this greenhouse, you need a few things including a bubble umbrella, a large planter or pot, the potting soil, and some herbs or seeds. Fill the potting soil with the seeds or plants and make sure not to overcrowd it. Next is to cut the handle off the umbrella to get a pole that has an end crushed to a flat shape. Use some duct tape to cover the end to prevent water, dirt, and bugs from entering the greenhouse through the tube. Open the umbrella and fit it over the pot by squeezing the pole inside to provide an anchor. You can remove it weekly to water your plants and this setup works well like any other greenhouse.

DIY Bottle Greenhouse

Pick a large bottle, probably a gallon or water jug because you need enough room to allow plants to grow. Cut the bottle to remove the bottom part so it is open on one end. Locate a nice place where you want your plant to grow and prepare the seedling or herb. Place the cut bottle over the plant and cover the sides with soil. Remove the top cap because it can get too hot and you don’t want your seedlings to die.

Wooden Greenhouse

A wooden greenhouse could be made to feature any size you require. To create this, measure the space on which you want it to rest. Cut wooden boards based on the measurements and build the frame of the greenhouse by nailing the cut pieces together. Paint the frame and allow it time to dry up. While making Wooden-Greenhouses like this, you should use clear plastic sheets to cover all around, except at the bottom of the structure. Make sure to leave one end open to act as the door. You can fix hinges using tapes that allow you to open and close that end.

It does not have to cost you a lot to build a greenhouse. You can use materials already available at home to build a structure that can hold your plants and allow you to have a good place to implement your project. Depending on the space requirement, you can try different ideas including the ones discussed above. Experiment with different setups you might find to see what accommodates your plants best.