Do You Speak English? There’s a Job For You


If you’re a native speaker of English, you possess a skill that many around the world are trying to learn. Speaking English is a gateway to working and living in Western countries. For many people English represents an opportunity to find a higher-paying job, or the means to integrate while living in Europe or North America.

If you’re born in the West, you already have the skills it takes to teach English as a second language (ESL). Here are some tips that will help you convert this skill into a job and a life experience you’ll love.

Pick the Right Country and City

Where in the world do you want to live? Don’t approach it like a child spinning a globe and imagining themselves living wherever their finger lands.

Many people want to find a job teaching English in Korea for many different reasons: it’s safe, the country has many diverse regions within it, travel infrastructure is extremely advanced, and it has many lively cities. Whether you decide to live in Seoul, Inchan, Daegu, Songdo, Geoje Island, or Ilsan, you’ll live in a very safe and vibrant place.

Everybody will have a different idea about what they’re looking for in a foreign country in which they want to live, and that’s perfectly fine. There’s always a certain amount of chance when it comes to trying something new, so just make sure it’s a well thought out decision.  

Get with the Right Travel Company

There are different companies which set employees up in foreign countries to teach ESL, and they are not all of the same quality. Here are some of the things you need to look for.

Make sure that the company you connect with has been established for years. This ensures that the company itself is reliable, and increases the odds that their operation is a well-oiled machine.

They should be able to iron out all logistical issues you face, including: plane tickets, getting a visa, securing appropriate housing, getting assimilated in the new country, preparing you to teach, and checking in on you even once you’re settled.

Your mind will be on overdrive with all the stimulation from being in a new country, and working in a new position. This is the last time you want to be weighed down by mundane things; let a company that has the resources and the experience handle these things for you. Not only are they capable of getting all of this done quickly and properly, it frees you up to do your work and enjoy being in a new place.

Teaching English abroad is a fantastic opportunity to let the skills you have take you around the world, and benefit people eager to learn about your culture. You’ll be imparting something that gives them meaningful tools in their life. You get to act as an unofficial cultural ambassador, and the rare chance to absorb a culture different than your own is truly one of the best things you can do in life.