Does A Driveway Add Value To Your Home?


Apart from the fact that a driveway makes your house look good and provides a proper space within your house for packing your car, it does add value to it. Although the value it adds is something people who want to sell their house later in future think about, however, it is something every house owner needs. 

The driveway is the first part of a house that every buyer or visitor first comes in contact with. This would serve as the first area that would appeal to them including your yard and the painting of the house. However, a buyer needs to know that your house is one that would eradicate the troubles that comes with packing by the street. Once this impression is made, the chances of a purchase or investment becomes higher. 

How Much Value Does A Driveway Add To Your Home? 

With a driveway, the value of your home increases by an estimate of 5-10% which is about $5,000 to $7000. 

You could be thinking of keeping your house in great shape in order to sell it off to potential buyers. By just adding a driveway to it, you’ve not only made it more attractive but also you’ve increased the monetary value of your house. 

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Factors To Consider Before Installing A Driveway

  • Cost

While making the choice of adding value to your home by adding a driveway, you have to consider the cost. There are various types of driveways and they all attract different costs. A gravel driveway is easily the cheapest type while paving stone is the most expensive. The amount you wish to spend on your driveway would be determined by how much value you wish to add to your property. 

  • Maintenance 

Whether you choose to sell your house or still continue living in it, the maintenance of the particular material used in installing the driveway is important. You need to choose a driveway that is easy to maintain especially in consideration of those who choose to buy your property. Your choice of driveway should be one that requires little or no maintenance.

  • Style

The beauty of a house determines how much value both visitors and buyers would attach to it. Your choice of a design should be one that is attractive, appealing and eye-catching. Everybody wants to live in a beautiful house, a well designed driveway would only help accent that. 

  • Long-lasting Features 

The real relevance and quality of a driveway is determined by its durability and its ability to last you for a long time. If you truly want to add value to your home with a driveway, this is a factor you should carefully consider. While considering cost, style and maintenance, if durability is not considered your entire choice rendered useless as your money would waste. 


Any value adding construction done in your house is a way of increasing its aesthetics features as well as opening up your chances to get more money. By taking note of the various factors stated, you can truly make your house in a high class property.