Don’t Drop the Ball: 3 Reasons it is Important to Keep an Extra Key


Owning a home is often an exercise that tests your patience. There are multiple things that can go wrong. Losing your keys, locking yourself out or even your key breaking in the lock. All of these problems and you haven’t even got past the front door yet. There is a way to stop a lot of these problems though and that is by simply ensuring that you have a spare key. How can a spare key help solve these problems though?

Getting Locked Out

There is nothing worse than the door slamming shut behind you when your keys are still inside. That feeling of dread, knowing you are going to have to call out a locksmith. It doesn’t matter if your locksmith is in Timbuktu or you have a locksmith in Toronto, you know it’s going to cost money that you don’t want to spend. A spare key makes sure that this extra cost is out of the equation. All you have to do is wait for whoever keeps your spare key and you are back inside without any of the added costs. If you are sneaky enough you could even hide your key at your property.

Breaking Your Key

Breaking a key in your lock is a nightmare, and while it is possible to fix your broken key yourself it’s the kind of job that only a locksmith should be undertaking. How can having a spare key help to stop a key breaking though? If you have a spare key then it gives you the opportunity to rotate your key usage around. This stops your key from being worn out as quickly and thus limits the chances of breakages. Keys aren’t invulnerable after all so ensuring that the possibility of key breakages is limited can only be a good thing.

Losing Your Keys

Losing your keys is an annoying situation to be in. It’s very similar to locking our keys in the house, with the added caveat of not knowing where your keys are. In this situation you should get your locks changed, while the chances of someone finding your keys and breaking in are very slim, it’s still better to change the probability to zero by having new locks. Having a spare key means that you can get into your house as soon as possible and alleviate some of your panic. While the spare key won’t find your lost keys for you, it will give you peace of mind. Who knows, maybe your keys are inside your house and the spare key will let you find them after all.

In any of these situations it is instantly made a lot easier by having a spare key. It’s instantly important to have a spare key if you are involved in a house share situation. When this is the case it is not plausible to both survive just using one key. All of these reasons add up to make it highly important for you to have a spare key, no matter if you live alone or with other people.