Don’t Hire A Concrete Contractor for Your Driveway Without Reading This


Like many Canadians, you may have a concrete driveway for several reasons. While concrete driveways are more expensive initially than their asphalt counterparts, they are long-lasting and hence more cost-effective in the long run. They also look better, have more endurance for the sort of heavy vehicles that are necessary for Canadian terrain, and can be easier to clean. 

However, concrete driveways require maintenance and care to last three decades. It’s also important to recognize when a concrete driveway needs to be removed so that you can install a new one. In either case, it’s advisable to use the services of a professional and reputable concrete contractor company for the best results.


With the wrong advice or services, your driveway may get damaged and require expensive repairs. A damaged driveway can also result in injury to pedestrians and damage to the suspension system of your vehicles. Both situations can be costly and elevate your stress levels. 

Always hire the right company for your driveway. CanWest offers residential concrete services to clients across Western Canada and beyond, whether you’re looking for removal or repair. Found several decades ago, they have offices in multiple cities, offer competitive prices, great customer service. They also have a wealth of experience and are insured and certified. 

What’s more, they use cutting-edge technology. This means that your driveway project will be completed to your satisfaction. The best part is that they’re highly reputable. They boast many excellent reviews across social media. They also have pages of testimonials from satisfied customers on their website. This means that you can trust their expert advice. Whether your driveway needs to be repaired or removed, you can safely rely on them. 

To recognize if your driveway needs upkeep, look out for some warning signs. If there are small cracks, then it’s usually nothing to worry about. Over time, driveways develop tiny cracks, especially in colder climates with regular freeze-thaw cycles. However, if the cracks are larger, then you may need to call a contractor, like the one mentioned above, to help with repairs. 

good driveway contractor will repair the cracks and seal the driveway to protect it from the elements. They’ll also quickly and efficiently remove the driveway using their powerful tools if needed. It’s important to act fast if there’s structural damage. For example, if your driveway is sinking or if puddles are forming, then time is crucial. The longer you wait, the higher the potential repair bills. For example, if there’s water under the driveway, it may cause structural damage to the rest of your property.  

To make sure that your driveway lasts a long time, apply sealant every few years to shield it and remember to clean it with the right tools such as soft brush and gentle cleaners. You don’t have to buy expensive liquids from the store to clean your driveway if you know what items to use. Many household cleaners can be used, like dish soap. Be gentle with your concrete driveway and avoid metal shovels, icepicks, and corrosive salts. With the right care and professional help, your driveway will be around for a long time.