DO’s and DON’Ts of Wearing Hoop Earrings


Hoops are one accessory that will never go out of fashion. Whether they’re large or small, these earrings always make a statement. If you’re new to this fashion trend, it’s important to follow the do’s and don’ts of these earrings when styling them. Read on for key tips to properly wear the hoop earring style.


1. Wear Hoops with Strapless Looks

Strapless dresses and tops are one of the best clothing pairings for hoops. As these strapless choices put your bare upper chest on display, wearing hoops does an excellent job at accentuating your neck. Complete your look with a set of huge hoops and your favorite strapless ensemble. Avoid wearing necklaces or similar jewelry to make sure the hoop earring trend makes the intended statement.

2. Don’t Wear Hoops with Jackets

When wearing jackets, stay away from hoops. These jackets throw off the balance of these shapely earrings and your attempts to cover up with your jacket. Additionally, it’s safer to wear hoops without a jacket as they can easily get caught or pulled down in the sipper or jacket collar.

If you have to bring a jacket along for the night, consider hoops that are small – medium-sized. This way, your earrings will be a safe enough distance from the danger of your jacket and will amplify the negative space between your chin and shoulders, which will help to pull your look together.

3. Do Wear Hoops with Plain Outfits

Since hoops are the go-to earrings to make a big statement in a simple way, they make the best accessory for a, particularly plain outfit. With an outfit featuring a simple v-neck or plain shirt, finish the look with hoops. The addition of these earrings will take an overly plain look to the next level.

4. Do Wear Real Gold Hoops

If you’re going for gold with your hoops, it’s better to wear real gold. As some people have serious reactions to fake gold, it’s better not to risk the chance you’ll be allergic to it. Since these hoops tend to add stress to the ear, it’s best to not add any additional issues with fake gold.

5. Don’t Wear Hoops to Active Events

Going out on the town for some dancing or plan to do some exercising? It’s best to leave the hoops at home. When performing any activity that requires a lot of motion or physical exercise, the added weight from your hoops will make your experience unenjoyable.

6. Do Wear Classic Hoop Styles

While some of us like to make a statement with giant hoops, there’s nothing wrong with choosing classic styles. The smaller hoops are one trend that anyone can wear. The best thing about this simple look is that it complements any style without ever becoming too heavy.

7. Don’t Wear Statement Hoops Everyday

Just as your biggest hoops make a statement with special outfits, they shouldn’t be worn every day. Wearing these huge hoops every now and then gives you the opportunity to give your ears a break. Instead of dragging your ears down each day with your huge hoops, be sure to switch up your earring choices regularly.

8. Do Play with Textures

Hoops don’t have to be made of metal. While the sleek style is a favorite among hoop wearers, textured hoops make just as big a statement as well. Whether you wear big or small, playing with texture and color with your hoop earrings will be an excellent addition to the right outfit.

9. Don’t Wear Heavy Hoops

We do a lot in the name of fashion, but wearing excessively heavy earrings should be avoided. While oversized hoops have their place, going overboard with these earrings can cause an injury and do serious damage to your ears. From triggering mild infections to elongating ear lobes and even causing them to split, overly-heavy hoops are more trouble than they’re worth.

Whether you opt for big shiny hoops or tiny gold circles, you’ll find that the right ones are the best way to pull any outfit together. Use this guide to point you to the best pair of hoops for your next outfit.