Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Review – Detailed Guide Before A Purchase


It is really a big ordeal whenever you are trying to clean your room. The spilled out beans on the floor or the messy couch will actually create an unhealthy environment, which you need to deal with. However, with the help of the best vacuum cleaner, these issues can be kept at bay. The best part is that the old school idea of bulky vacuum cleaner is long gone. Nowadays, it is all about the sleek cordless vacuum, available within your pre-set rates and will ensure a better move.


These vacuum cleaners are completely different from the basic ones you used to have. With a long stick-like body, it becomes easier to maneuver the vacuum cleaner around, picking up dirt and dust like never before. The Dreame T20 cordless vacuum is the one to watch out for, if you actually want to spend money on the best items. Be sure to go through the Dreame T20 cordless vacuum review. First, check out the features and characteristics this product possesses, before you proceed further and buy it.

The basic features you can procure:

Now you must be wondering why choose T20 when you have so many other cordless vacuum cleaner options available in the market. Checking out the features will actually make you realize why.

Suction power

First of all, the undeniable power of the 150AW powerful suction is always the best call you could have asked for. Moreover, you will furthermore receive the 12-cone cyclone separation, which ensures a stronger hold on the dust and dirt, and great suction power.

Smart scanning

The machine comes handy with smart scanning and self-adjusting modes. It means the machine can automatically scan where the dirt or dust pile is, and will adjust it accordingly. You don’t have to work any further for that.

Battery life

Then you have 70 minutes of the ultra-long battery time. So, once charged, this vacuum cleaner is here to run its magic for 70 minutes straight. It is more than enough time to clean a moderate home, and with extra time in hand left.

HD full color screen

To see the power of this machine, you have the HD full color screen as part of this cleaner. So, now learn which button you are pressing and why it is to be used, right on top of the handle.

Noise reduction

The best part about this item is that it comes with 8-stage of the noise reduction value. It means, you can easily enjoy cleaning your house even more as the machine won’t be making any huge noise, unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners.

New fluid mechanical design:

For that more efficient and stable cleaning performance, Dreame T20 works on the new fluid mechanics design. It means it has rear air friction, smart cool battery technology and even shorter wind tunnel as some of the additional features, which are hard to find from any of the other cordless models in here. 

Rear Air friction:

Dreame is here with the HEPA filter, which is positioned right behind the motor for the very first time. It will help the air to be drawn in the will and not be blocked like other models.

 Shorter form of wind tunnel:

As the motor is located right at the front of the filter, the airflow remains shorter and the wind tunnel will be a lot smoother. This way, the suction power loss will get reduced in an effective manner.

Smarter cool battery technology:

Then you have the best and unique venting system, which will transfer the air through batteries for cooling them down now. It will ensure a better performance of discharging the unwanted garbage from the bag.

Get one for your use now:

So, next time you are looking for the right vacuum cleaner, which is easy to store and won’t be hard to use, then T20 from the house of Dreame is always a good call to make. With multiple suction modes and long lasting working period, you can expect a cleaner house in no time.