Dreamy Backyard Playhouses Your Kids Will Love To Play In


Kids nowadays somehow forget to play outdoors, because of the evolving of technology and their addiction to smartphones and iPads. But it is always better for them if they have the chance to go outside and have their playhouse where they can have some fun time. So, if you live in a house and have a beautiful backyard, do not hesitate to use the space available to built them a beautiful playhouse where they can play. Below, we have made a collection of several Dreamy Backyard Playhouses that you can get inspired from and surprise your little ones with some such playhouse.

You don’t need to posses any special skills to built these houses and palettes are the main materials that you will have to use. These playhouses are quite versatile and you may choose to built a one or two story playhouse , with or without slides, swings or any other additional features that will offer your kids more fun. The indoors of these houses can be either left plain or you may choose to decorate it like a real house and thus make such houses like a small kingdoms for your kids. Go ahead now and check them out and do not hesitate to built one such house because your kids will love to play in. Enjoy!

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Dreamy Backyard Playhouses

modern playhouse side
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kids playhouse
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Small garden ideas
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Summer Reading Nook
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swing forts
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You will either leave the exterior of these houses plain, or you can also choose to paint it and thus take them to a whole new level. We are sure that your little girl will be happy to have her playhouse painted in pink or some other light shade. If you plan on building a house with a porch, then make sure to add some flower pots too.

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Photo via: sifu.barbarawatkins.net
Photo via: sifu.barbarawatkins.net
Photo via: sifu.barbarawatkins.net

So, what do you think about the above backyard playhouses? Will you choose to built some and thus create your kids a favorite spot during the spring and summer time? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other ideas of how to decorate your backyard.