Dreamy Outdoor Kitchens You Have to See to Believe


Outdoor kitchens are considered a luxury item, but they can quickly become a necessity for some homeowners. In many areas of the world, outdoor living is the norm for the majority of the year. To put it in perspective, in the U.S. alone 72% of households have a grill. Over half (56%) use their grills year round.

New technology and a bigger selection of exterior cooking equipment are bringing renewed focus to outdoor kitchens. They’re getting so sophisticated some are now referring to the trend as “glamped-up” grilling. In these high-end outdoor kitchens, it’s not uncommon to see rotisseries, pizza ovens, refreshment stations, icemakers and even warming drawers in addition to a grill.

The great thing about outdoor kitchens is there are no limitations for the design. A truly amazing outdoor kitchen has key essentials, but most homeowners don’t stop there. People have dreamt up some of the most creative, innovative and functional spaces imaginable – and having a great view never hurts.

Take a look at these 13 breathtaking outdoor kitchens that will inspire you to create an al fresco cooking space of your own.

Cantilevered Outdoor Kitchen

image via www.instagram.com

The outdoor kitchen specialists at Danver created this stunning space for a client that had a unique deck. The cooking area juts out at the edge of the building giving the chef panoramic views all around. It’s like a bird’s nest at the top of the trees. This kitchen is the perfect place for an intimate dinner party where you can escape the hustle and bustle.

Myrtle Beach Outdoor Second Home

image via www.pinterest.com

The outdoor space of this Myrtle Beach home is like having a whole other house. The open floor includes a fantastic outdoor kitchen, living room and dining area that’s as comfortable as anything you’d find inside. Because it’s completely covered the space can be enjoyed year round, which it probably is.

Cozy Outdoor Kitchen

image via www.pinterest.com

The crackling fireplace makes this one cozy outdoor kitchen. It’s also laid out very well with all the cooking equipment on one side and the prep and washing area on the other. During the summer it’s just as comfortable thanks to the sizeable overhead fan.

The Perfect Fall Hangout

image via www.pinterest.com

This outdoor kitchen/living space was made for fall. From the forest surroundings to the fireplace to the flat screen, who wouldn’t want to settle down for a relaxing afternoon outside?

Spacious Party Space

image via www.pinterest.com

Everybody can gather round in this outdoor kitchen that feels like it’s in a cabin. Plus, there’s plenty of space in the fridge to keep the beer cold. The high ceiling adds to the open feeling.

Grand Eat-in Kitchen

image via www.pinterest.com

You can throw an impressive cookout for all your friends in this outdoor kitchen/dining area. It’s so incredible the amazing view is almost an afterthought.

Clean Kitchen With a Beachy View

image via www.pinterest.com

This outdoor kitchen proves you don’t need a lot of space to make a big impact. The wide-open wall facing the blue-green ocean is a gorgeous backdrop for the cute, slightly kitschy kitchen.

Greenhouse Outdoor Kitchen

image via www.pinterest.com

It’s possible to cook in this one-of-kind outdoor kitchen every day of the year since it’s technically enclosed. The homeowner took the term greenhouse in a whole new direction with this cooking space.

Lakeside Outdoor Kitchen

image via www.pinterest.com

The cook definitely has the best view in the house. You can hang out with friends on the deck and still talk to swimmers below while you flip burgers on the oversized grill.

Rustic Yet Sophisticate Outdoor Kitchen

image via www.pinterest.com

Many homeowners are beginning to use the zone concept with their outdoor living areas, and this space is a great example. The homeowners have done an amazing job of creating a living/dining/cooking area that flows, yet still has clear zones. It’s also an excellent blend of rustic and sophisticated design.

Outdoor Kitchen With an Indoor Feeling

image via www.pinterest.com

Look quickly and you might think this is a beautiful indoor kitchen. The homeowner went above and beyond to make the outdoor kitchen as functional and comfortable as possible. There are even skylights and overhead heaters above the eating area.

Swim-up Outdoor Kitchen

image via www.pinterest.com

This homeowner incorporated the outdoor kitchen in a totally new way. By going below ground level and strategically placing it next to the pool there’s a built-in swim-up bar.