Dress like the Queen of the Evening


Many women dress in more extravagant clothes, thinking that this is how they differ from others. For some, this is the case, but not all women look their best in such clothes. Every woman is different from the others, different hair colour, different hairstyle, different body shape and different skin colour, that is why some women look better in some clothes, while others look better in other types of clothes. 

Every woman wants to look beautiful, to feel special, to be the queen of the evening. Eirene´s collection is here to help you find the perfect special occasion dresses for women . Here are some tips to follow:

  • Dressing well and looking amazing does not come from just having a good taste and style, it is also about knowing your body and what works for your body shape and what does not. Fashion is not just about blindly following trends and dressing the way everybody else does. It is about finding a type of clothing, a style, that flatters your figure and reflects your unique personality. You have to find that style and then look for a dress that answers this. 
  • Curate your colours to suit your skin tone. Find out which colour or colours look best on you and look for a dress in this or those colours. Most people with a cool undertone look better in a dress in colors like white, black, grey, silver, and blue and most people who have a warm undertone look better in a brown, yellow, gold, olive, or red dress, however there are always exceptions. You just have to see yourself, what colour would look better on you. 
  • Furthermore, showing just the right amount of skin is essential to creating a stunning evening ensemble. Looking and feeling attractive should not be based on how revealing your dress is, a little bit of mystery is always a nice touch. To ensure that you nail the right look, try showing off just one part of your body. Clothes speak a lot about a person. Wearing a dress that is too short and revealing might give off the wrong impression, however a long dress, that reveals hardly any skin, always looks elegant and stylish. 
  • Pick a dress that you feel comfortable in. If you feel good and comfortable on the inside, you would look more confident and attractive on the outside. A woman that looks and walks confidently, always makes a good impression on other people.
  • Wearing a bright coloured or a colourful dress or accessories would always make people take notice of you. When we see something bright, colourful and dissimilar to its surroundings, we always pay attention to it and spot it out in the crowd. It stands out and it is easily noticed. When something is different, it is easily remembered. So wearing something bright and different will make you shine, look remarkable and unique. 
  • Also picking the right accessories is very essential and it is the final step to completing your outfit. Wearing the right shoes and jewelry would complement the dress and make a person shine out more. It does not matter if the accessory is just a simple scarf or an astounding jewelry, accessories have the power to transform your look from great to amazing. Of course, with the accessories, comes the perfect hairstyle. You should make sure that your hairstyles matched with your dress and with the accessories. 
  • Lastly, it might get chilly, so you must make sure that you choose a top that would both keep you warm and match well with the dress you decide to wear. 

Eirene´s collection of gorgeous special occasion dresses offers dresses in different styles and in different colours. You can check them out and find the perfect dress for you on Eirene´s website.